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lv outlet store the eyebrows is tightly wrinkly to get up
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TOPIC: lv outlet store the eyebrows is tightly wrinkly to get up

lv outlet store the eyebrows is tightly wrinkly to get up 11 months, 2 weeks ago #39880

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"I......I am getting wronger, you don't beat me......"See appearance, general manager Wang really drive Lin San to beat afraid.
Lin San smiled:"General manager Wang,, where are you getting wronger?"
"I......I should not crave for the president's seat,
lv outlet store."General manager Wang hesitated to say for a while.
Lin San stretched hand to clap the shoulder of clapping general manager Wang:"See to your brain very awake of, there is also a matter, you have to clear up, the vigorous group is thou house open of, even if ancient the president temporarily don't come back, all of the business of company should also from ancient the young lady deal with, the basic round doesn't arrive your this outsider to interfere with."
"BE is BE, you say of to,
louis vuitton cheap, the vigorous group is thou house of, thou house of, I am just an outsider and have no business the affair of interfering with the group."General manager Wang wants to get away from Lin San quickly, so Lin San says what, want don't think and then nod to attach as well and, general manager Wang's in the mind has already made a decision, after waiting oneself to get away, must make Lin San pay miserably heavy price.
Lin San is loose to open general manager Wang, return to body to walk to the meeting of table, picked up pen to write a few words on a piece of blank sheet of paper and pass the blank sheet of paper to general manager Wang after:"Label word."
General manager Wang's one Leng once connected a blank sheet of paper to see one eye, the facial expression immediately became difficult to look and wrote like this on the blank sheet of paper:At ancient long president Feng not in this period, vigorous group all works all the Jia orchid full power from thou be responsible for, the other people can not have objection,
"Sign."Lin San fills to a pen of general manager Wang.
General manager Wang hopes a blank sheet of paper, the eyebrows is tightly wrinkly to get up, if oneself really on the blank sheet of paper label word, oneself so hereafter will obey an ancient Jia orchid to adjust to send, can not peep the president's throne anymore.
"How?Does general manager Wang have different viewpoint,
lancel 2013?"Lin San's look in the eyeses a cold, with copy by hand to have a chair, keep hanging up of hope general manager Wang.
General manager Wang's body is one Zhan, flash across in the eye one silk anger hates and takes a pen, the Duo cringes the Suo is under the blank sheet of paper last label own name.
Lin San lets go of a chair and stretched hand to once take a blank sheet of paper to see one eye, tiny tiny a nod:"The word writes quite goodly."
General manager Wang's facial expression at this time is decadent, sit on the floor, lower the head a words don't say as well,
louis vuitton designer purses.
Lin San puts blank sheet of paper on the meeting table and swept to see a turn of board room other a few reasonable.
Is a few reasonable also is all intelligent person, drive wood 31 stare, two words don't say to all come forward his/her own name in label is on the blank sheet of paper, just Lin San's means thoroughly the earthquake lived a few reasonable, the slightest don't dare Wu to go against Lin San's meaning.
Own name in label that sees a few reasonable darlings, Lin San smiled.
From start into eventually,
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