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The affair has what variety."The king is uniform to lightly shake head
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TOPIC: The affair has what variety."The king is uniform to lightly shake head

The affair has what variety."The king is uniform to lightly shake head 11 months, 1 week ago #39834

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Cent,, but theory calculations he cannot compares with me eight cent,"But the king Be uniform to say that the natural endowments that is purple to bite exceeds Huang Cheng Min again again now,, the fire of the jealousy in the heart is again flaming to burn. This book head delivers the 17 K novel net(www.17 k.coms)
Chapter 91 dies spirit ground temple[this chapter word number:2213 latest renewal time:2013-01-15 18:21:12.0]
Suddenly, king uniform eyebrows a wrinkly, peep out in the eye a silk is afraid of of color.Led a short while, king the uniform instauration read Dao in the heart after:"Be getting more strange, how can feel five actions of thunder unique sun achievement,, is that he hasn't died,Lancel Outlet Shop.Not to that kind of the motion is very small, basically isn't him."
Wang Yi looking at uniform variety of king to suspect ground to ask a way:"What's the matter with old Zu?The affair has what variety."The king is uniform to lightly shake head, be afraid of in the eye of the color haven't drawn off and say:"I just felt five actions of thunder unique sun achievement,lancel paris bags, also thought is that he didn't die.Only that kind of the motion ratio ascend his to want numerous small and weak times,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, basically is not likely to be him."
Wang Yi suddenly thoughts of what, mouth inside the unwilling nature says:"Old Zu is purple to bite not to become, should be able to learn with the natural endowments lending him five thunder unique sun achievement."The king is uniform to again be lost in thought ……
Originally that is multicolored of the spirit would be the spirit of five thunder unique suns, at purple bite to gobble up five thunder of the spirit of unique sun of time the spirit motion of five thunder unique suns.But while undulating of, dead Luo is inside the hole again spread a burst of extremely arcane motion, extremely small and weak, that motion wants compare purple the motion biting is extremely extensive and mysterious.
The king is uniform to looking at Wang Yi to say after:"Yi son I just again the feeling knew that that motion comes from five thunder holes and wanted to necessarily is that boy.Be still previous that greatly negative not the person of way,, be dead in that boy hand of, think necessarily that treasure thing to also fall in his hand."
Wang Yi again one Leng, hate an idea to again flow out to move in the eye, say:"The old Zu carries on the method of the dead spirit Guan body for me and melts into nothingness a trip to valley this time,,Nike NFL Jerseys, I certainly let he dead have no burial ground."The king is uniform to lightly nod, the dark ground says:"This time heavy treasure that melt into nothingness a trip to valley to certainly want to kill that boy, take back empire in person, there is also more important task, there is to break open to print, then match with us to seize the ground of token of promise unification disorder.
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