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Wholesale new era hats my Zhao Si wants to kill people today
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TOPIC: Wholesale new era hats my Zhao Si wants to kill people today

Wholesale new era hats my Zhao Si wants to kill people today 11 months, 4 weeks ago #3609

  • aajp4qmsm74
,, All the names that bring up me suspicion throws a person!"Say this , Zhao Si again bad ruthlessly stare to open widely a door, way, " especially Zhang Lao San, see me always need not positive eye!"
"However today, you all stared eyes big for Lao Tze!My Zhao Si of"Zhao Si hideous smile way, " isn't easy to handle either, my Zhao Si wants to kill people today,
Wholesale new era hats!"Say, Zhao Si and then to that, " too gentleman, can lend you saber to use?I want to kill several son of a bitches that doesn't open eyes."
"Hey west."Japan's Imperial Army's second lieutenant at that moment pulls out saber and pass to Zhao Si.
Zhao Si once connects saber, soon after again the hideous smile write to turn round to face to whole village old little.
Seven grand uncles annoy snort and stare in anger a way:"Zhao Si, dog day of you dare!?"
"This world over, have no my Zhao Si don't dare to do of matter,!"Zhao Si hideous smile way, " is seven grand uncles, there is also each person of hometown, you all stare big eyes lo like,, see my Zhao Si actually is what the person of kind!"
This , Zhao Si lowers the head to looking at edge of knife again,
cheap hats, the back towards Japan's Imperial Army's second lieutenant's way:"Too gentleman,
new era style hats, this knife how book blade?"
"Eight Gas, the saber of big Japan is the superior good weapon in the world, how possible book blade,
new era baseball cap wholesale?"Japan's Imperial Army's second lieutenant scolds to lambaste,, soon after again have no to take precautions against ground to walk to come forward, stretching hand will connect the saber in Zhao Si Shou,, but Zhao Si's anti- hand for one knife, sharp saber immediately with ease sting went into Japan's Imperial Army's second lieutenant's bottom of the heart son,
Is silent, whole insolate a field immediately one dead Ji, quiet go to fall needle can smell.
Not only all of the person of hometowns of the Tun inside village are getting more silly, the devil soldier on all sides also dare not believe, that Japanese second lieutenant is very also dead Yuan, he completely drive Zhao Si before lifelike performance to cheat, the Cu cannot compares with to defend descend immediately win to recruit,!Zhao Si made an effort to wring to wring saber, again the facing whole village old little hideous smile way:"My Zhao Si is a ground of ruffian right, can ground the ruffian is also Chinese!"
"Eight Gas!"Another devil military officer finally returns to absolute being and pull out pistol to shine on Zhao Si's bottom of the heartses are two guns.
Immediately the Zhao Si servant pours in the ground, circle the double of the Zheng the eyes still die the hopeless situation stare at an eldest brother door, facial expression ferocious tunnel:"Zhang Lao San remembered, my Zhao Si was also a Yes, open Chinese the Yes!The Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey,, Is still that sentence, your virgin she is mine sooner or later ……my woman ……"
The words sound devil military officer that hasn't fall, opened fire has already greatly trodden to walk to come forward, another feet step Zhao Si's vestses and soon after draw out saber Gao Gao raise, and then shine on Zhao Si's neck bad ruthlessly split down, the whole village is old little to immediately shut in succession ascend eyes, a few young mothers are to hurriedly and by hand cover he or she
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