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TOPIC: Zhang Hai twists a head to see a stewardess​/Cheap-New-Era-Hats.html Zhang Hai twists a head to see a stewardess 11 months, 3 weeks ago #34927

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Cut a charming shredded meat beautiful Mao leg, all make the man become itchy from the in the mind, during a lifetime marry a stewardess to return to be a wife also enough.
"Respect of passenger, the airplane is flying in ten thousand meters sky, may suffer current of air at any time for the sake of promising everyone's safety, ask everyone to return to his/her own seat, if want this young lady matches a shadow of, please one by one in order come over."The stewardess' voice is pretty sweet, talk again polite, let people accept very easily, Zhang Hai is much more unbearable to see her two eyes, sees the name of brand of of her chest Mao is call six matchless.
Zhang Hai twists a head to see a stewardess, just right that six matchless is also lookinging at him, 2 people once the look in the eyes touch and all send out a smile of courtesy, then quickly separate.
Zhang Hai's look in the eyes turned 1 turn after visiting to leave and dropped in the stewardess' body again naturally and looking at this to call six matchless beautiful stewardesses before the body that wonderful S type curve in the Hun park, also have the narrow set of skirt the PP for tightly wrapping to delineate plentiful beautiful Long a circle ……
Zhang Hai felt his/her own some evil thoughts,,, he hurriedly took back view and was calm own idea.He poured not to want few yu of pure heart like this, key problem BE,
gucci handbag sale, he only on having the reaction of physiology, his super ability is shielded,
louis vuitton online shopping,, in case of in this time point condition,, there is no super ability, is very dangerous.
Say condition, the condition came right away.
Just in the Mu permit Xin Luan nearby of the fans all return to respectively of seat, suddenly in the passenger compartment segment, there was a big statures to stand, let people's panic of BE, take one handle knob gun on his hand!
"Do not move!I declare now!This airplane held as a hostage!"Big statures one hallooes, the pistol in the hand points indiscriminately everywhere, in fact he early wants to begin, be see just crowd disorder, everyone sat down now, at the right moment he can display to hold for ransom a line(full text word small 說閱讀 , 盡 at ωар .1 ⑥κ xs.С Om(one ⑹κ .С Om,,學網 )
"!"Just that fatty old woman activity in Hong Kong is more slow-moving, she who haven't walked to the seat frightens Tan soft side in aisle.
The passenger of seat is also all frightenned to not talk, a nervously looking at that big statures, their in the minds are whispering, hold for ransom an airplane ah, will can't elephant 911 take an airplane to bump a mansion so?That isn't the dead have no burial ground,
purses louis vuitton?Too miserably.
The Mu at this time's permitting Xin Luan is also roared by this to get a fright,,
louis vuitton handbags outlet, at next, she embraces to have a body
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