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TOPIC: he felt body for a while inside of condition of the injury

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And poisoned have been deep,, want to completely force a toxin be not a dynasty the affair of the one night.
Lin Zhi Jing opens eyes from meditate and sees Du breeze still be carrying an achievement to force poison, he fog on the head annoy more heavy, the forehead last sweat bead orders some slide, whole body of the clothes all soaked through, facial expression is serious,, eyes close tightly, obviously is arrived to force poisonous turning point, Lin Zhi Jing doesn't dare to make a noise to bother and just quietly looking at Lin Zhi Jing.
Is also at the right moment meditating to complete at this time, he felt body for a while inside of condition of the injury, peeps out satisfied smiling face on the face, he tooks a look Du breeze to Lin Zhi Jing's way:"Spoilt daughter of a rich family, the Du breeze has already been at turning point now, he gets hurt too heavy,, and this poison too severe, I fear that his turning point really annoys shortage, rather I help him a , will really annoy Du to his body inside."
"Like, you carefully order."Lin Zhi Jing nods a way,
As is being after death smiling to smile, walking to the Du breeze, is about to cross legs to sit down, suddenly appear smiling face with uncanny and malicious Yin on his face, his fierce Zhang clap in carrying on the back Du breeze and beat Du breeze flew to go out.
Du breeze drive Han Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yi the Zhang dozen fly and hit the stone wall of cave up,, drop to the ground"" of an exhalation one mouthful blood,
new era style hats, the facial expression is more pale like paper, Han Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De's Zhang lets his condition of the injury is also snow up add frost.The dialogue that just forced the Du breeze in poison also hear Lin Zhi Jing and Han Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De, is coming over here him to also know, and real person up a silk peeping out kill idea Du the breeze also caught,
Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, however he is carrying the turning point of achievement, basically can not be the slightest diverted, can let be succeeding.
"Han Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De!What are you dry?"Lin Zhi Jing drive this suddenly of the mishap Be surprised to arrive, she dynasty just and greatly drink a way and quickly run over the circumstance of looking into the Du breeze, she starts to hand the head of Du breeze and urgently asks a way:"Du breeze, you how?Harm have to be unimportant?"
See Lin Zhi Jing show unintentionally anxious air, Du breeze although severely wounded is also very happy,he just was subjected to Han Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yi Zhang, true spirit mess inside the body, temporarily can not speak up.
"Du breeze, you can't occupy."Lin Zhi Jing shouts a way, she turn head to just and way, " Han Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De, why do you want to do so?Why do you want to contuse him?"
"Hey Hey!Why?Spoilt daughter of a rich family so ice snow cleverness, could not guess?"Is just strange to say with smile, the one step one step walked to come over,
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Lin Zhi Jing draws a sword to point at Han Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De and cut up rough of drink a way:"Stop!Forbid to come over!"
"Hey Hey!Zhi Jing, you see you much fierce to me, to Du breeze this bastard but so of gentleness, so concern to him."If is doing not realize Lin Zhi Jing, continue to step by step walk over there, he smiled,
gucci handbags outlets, the facial expression on the face but slowly start to be ferocious,, " why do you take a look to my none of positive eyes?Du
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