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handbag louis vuitton perhaps be worth several 1
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TOPIC: handbag louis vuitton perhaps be worth several 1

handbag louis vuitton perhaps be worth several 1 11 months, 3 weeks ago #32650

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The alliance was born like this.Together return to the road of returning Han Jia at 6 people up, that sky that is plentiful to help a lord to start to draw together feather on one's own initiative continuously together chews the fat with feather sky together.And one side of six help a lord, also very have tacit understanding, accompany sword Xin Yai You to say to smile.
Wait until 6 people back and return Han Jia of, that is plentiful and help a lord and just suddenly open mouth and say, "brothers Fan, long smell the Yu fly Feng officer Yu fly little Xia juniority capable, at under have already for a long time admire, in the days to come if at under go to and send without the Feng way, have to also have already invited brothers and led Jian and led Jian!"
"Ha ha, this is the small matter, plentiful help in the days to come lord if come to have no Feng way parties, brothers nature company!"The sky of the feather together says with smile.
"Say so much, that we agree verbally so!Fan Xiong,
handbag louis vuitton, I prepared some gifts to send little Xia to the officer and also needed to invite brothers to on behalf turn to present!"Make reference to here, plentiful see for lord toward the sword of Xin Yai, make fun a way, " original elder, can lend° Fan Xiong me an use,
lancel premier flirt?"
"Ha ha, plentiful help a lord where words,
louis vuitton wallets for men,, is all oneself's person, you the tube do as you like!"Say,, sword Xin Yai Wei is tiny on smiling, see toward the feather sky together way, " Fan Xiong, I return to wait you!"Finish saying, sword Xin Yai and 2 people exchanged greeting severals again and had already then led off to leave.
But feather the sky then keep a smile together and followed 2 people to go to their courtyards, two help of inside the headquarter, plentiful help a lord and six took out fully five rings to pass for lord to the feather sky together.The sky of the feather together works properly to know a to sweep, immediately the air becomes shocking, in these five rings, save full many precious treasure things, have a medicine material, have a Dan medicine,, have weapon and have spooler, is it may be said complete with everything, the feather sky together and only swept 1 turn, then knew that these five things in rings are worth of not thin, perhaps be worth several 1,000,000,000 gold coins.Even if is oneself, could not take the wealth of such huge sum of as well.
This a moment, looking at six to help a lord with plentiful help lord that has some heartache and has some to choke the facial expression of Mei again, the feather sky together and then knows,, perhaps this time these two greatly help a lord is descend net cost,
louis vuitton handbags prices, must draw together oneself, no wonder that 2 people will make moves thus free with money.Afraiding of this wealth was many two greatest gangs backlogs of in the last yearses.
"Fan Xiong, this trifle in the ring doesn't become esteem and also ask Fan Xiong to receive, three entreaty Fan Xiong in which hands over to the officer little Xia and leave of two,
louis vuitton outlet online, an is Fan Xiong of, there is also 1, please transmit to fly Nu.We are plentiful to help in the days to come and six help, also ask Fan Xiong to look after much and more,
gucci handbag on sale!"At the moment, it is plentiful to help a lord and six help lord one face crave for ground to see toward the feather sky together, was full of to expect in the vision.The sky of the feather is together and it may be said 2 people to finally help rice straw, if the feather sky is together willing to help each other, oneself's two greatest gangs still have future, if the feather sky is together
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