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lancel bag All the other younger brothers in the car beginning napped
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TOPIC: lancel bag All the other younger brothers in the car beginning napped

lancel bag All the other younger brothers in the car beginning napped 11 months, 3 weeks ago #32637

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After the words, the Xiao is loose to lay up a cellular phone, order'heavy smoker'again speed up.Gold cup the car was very quick and then descended concealed fog mountain hillside, the speed again floats to rise.
120 codes ……
130 codes ……
150 codes ……
The tree of both sides in the highway at fly soon of countermarch, all of the person in the car from grasped a hand handle, have no who again talk, Liu Shui who sit on copilot's room is to fasten safety to get up.
"Stop adding enough."Liu Shui connects to shout a way.
"Elder brother Shui arrived a crest, the person who carried was too many, and this car power isn't enough."The heavy smoker smiles a way and wins the meaning of having the complaint.
"Your boy wants to part by death to pull to ascend us."Liu Shui didn't like scolding of spirit:"Opening 150 code speeds on the National Freeway is still carefree not enough, you think your technique very good, it is an evening to don't forget this, we are still all bachelor, thus quick speed, once turning over car or collision, that carries for 1 pot, connect the persons who attend funeral all have no."
(Bachelor stanza wishes everyone to have a good time!)
"Yin Shui says right, heavy smoker, the speed keeps all right in 100 codes."The Xiao loosens the heart of waiting the person is also jump badly, remind a way:"Keep certain speed, have what urgent circumstance also cope with come over,
lancel bag, Yin water you fore the wanting of head spirit orders, as long as is bread car or small sedan and then immediately decelerate to block them down."
The speed of the gold cup car finally keeps in 100 code experts to drive, average speed probably at 90, dead hour, the car is really too little, the gold cup car has been running tenth, minute to meet with a van after going down slope, and is carry full goods of that kind of.The atmosphere in the car after Luo Meng beat to call words always very depressed, have no who dare to drop with the light heart.
Two drivers on the trucks undoubtedly also became unlucky ghost, their cellular phones were also loosenned by the Xiao to wait person to rob.Thus, they are to go to halfway up a hill last of the scene of the accident also report not Jing.
Contend for dividing Duo second!Being able to contend for one is a ,
discount new era hats from china, however this is just measure of expediency.
After all, highway is open toward two sides, there is no vehicle here, who know a highway that has.To know concealed fog mountain is at Wu mountain the county is inshore,
Louis Vuitton Softsided Luggage, once someone reports to the police, the Jing is absolutely the person of the Wu mountain county police department.
All the other younger brothers in the car beginning napped, while the Xiao is loose, the river enjoys, Tang Yan,
louis vuitton denim bags,, Luo eight, Liu Shui, and as for heavy smoker that drive,, but 6 people is not dare is the least bit careless.The last words of Luo Meng telephone inside let a few senior clerks if sit needle Tan, Mount Taishan carries on the shoulder a shoulder.
Is abrupt however-
The together disgusting telephone bell stereo set rises.
"You are my rose, you
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