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TOPIC: finished shouting hands ten purple rays that project an in a row

http://louivuittonpurses.webs.​com/ finished shouting hands ten purple rays that project an in a row 11 months, 3 weeks ago #30245

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 Both parties beat to have long range to offend with each other like this, beginning both parties are an also and didn't can what then get the other party, but arrive afterwards Qin Yang split the knife spirit of less and less, although Qin Yang comes to an inborn state, can absorb world vitality to add oneself to consume of inside dint, inside the dint resume of the speed is the quickest,the knife Gang consumes inside the speed of the dint faster, slowly his inside the dint have already almost exhausted consume, but Lin Yu Feng is to more beat more fierce, the Chi Kung plays seem don't money similar ground projection, this descends the round to Qin Yang start avoiding being seen, is really a geomancy to by turn turn!
See the eye be after death projected by Lin Yu Feng of the light ball deep-fry into big pit of an of ground,,, Qin Yang not from whole body a cold,
gucci handbag on sale, guess if oneself drive only the ball shoot to the point settle meeting drive deep-fried become smash, only strongly avoided being seen, the look in the eyes that sees Lin Yu Feng at the same time is as seeing monster.
Lin Yu Feng sees Qin Yang give up to avoid being seen towards offending, just over there distressly, in the mind depressed pole, be really don't satisfy, does oneself beat just greatly!Opponent but don't beat, let Lin Yu Feng seem the one punch beat in the cotton similar suffered.
"Do you exactly still beat or not?How to always hide!"Lin Yu Feng stopped an attack and had some to in anger say.
"Hum!Will be used pretty the dint calculate what, have skill you beat medium I see."The Qin Yang despise ground says, but in mind thinks:"I also want to beat!But heel you this monster beat, how much inside dint all not enough, I can have no so many inside the dint accompany you to have fun, or think a way to get away to say again."
"The MD wants to kill my to is you, how become to seem now me have to kill you."Lin Yu's custom must even scold gutter languages to come out and said Qin Yang's in the mind is very ashamed, as an inborn superior, the top-class existence of ancient Wu Jie, the sense of pride is very strong,, he so loafer ground way of doing even he all blushes by himself, but he also has no way, who make him meet Lin Yu Feng this is abnormal, if let he heel other inborn superiors to war, doing not say to kill first doesn't can kill the other party, at least can't be beaten have no the dint strike back!
"You don't strike back BE!Like, I make you hide enough."Lin Yu Feng is incensed, yelled a way, finished shouting hands ten purple rays that project an in a row,
louis vuitton cheap bags, the incomparable skill Lasers of formal Fu benefit sand pointed, several purple rays toward Qin Yang's directions indiscrimination ground four shoot to open, as laying a net sealed Qin Yang of all positions that can avoid being seen.
Qin Yang hides have no can hide only hard put together, control breath whole body remain of capability, outside put the inborn Gang spirit cover to live oneself whole body,, a chain of huge ring later on, the whole vacant land is exploded to arise of cover with dust to cover up, waited dust to peep out a vacant land current feature after spreading go to, sees the whole vacant land having a
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