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authentic louis vuitton match emperor mirror in the sky cracked down on Zhang Dao Ling and Ge Xuan
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TOPIC: authentic louis vuitton match emperor mirror in the sky cracked down on Zhang Dao Ling and Ge Xuan

authentic louis vuitton match emperor mirror in the sky cracked down on Zhang Dao Ling and Ge Xuan 11 months, 2 weeks ago #30211

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The son deals with to allow Jing sun,
authentic louis vuitton,, after all he and wood the true son is 2 people, by this time already four major sky of Zhang Dao Ling in the teacher, Chiu Hong benefit, the Ge Xuan crack down on respectively, therefore need to nurse these 3 people, keep them from breaking through suppression escaping.
Although didn't leave to divide at this time half of powers, match emperor mirror in the sky cracked down on Zhang Dao Ling and Ge Xuan, oneself still had half of powers to fight, as before attackstoning Chiu Hong to help, the result for going all out,, make Mo leave and the contingency means of wood true son is less and less, so in case of be cracked down on of Zhang Dao Ling and Ge Xuan, the words of means also is different from, will escape for them.
Compared to before and more crack down on a Chiu now at the same time Hong benefit, but the enemy is to decrease to remain one person, wood true son one person's dealing with is it may be said more than enough, therefore don't leave and then decide to no longer make moves, use the remaining of half power,
louis vuitton purses for sale, start to keep watch on Zhang Dao Ling, Chiu Hong benefit, Ge Xuan 3 people, prevent°from they at key of time, break through suppression then escape.
Connect down true son of wood to revolve two inborn ways kind, slowly oppress Xu Jing Yang, at last and finally also the shot broke Xu Jing Yang's inborn way kind, then small scaled palace toward to allow Jing sun a to cover, six kinds also give°ed him to crack down on inside,, this four major sky of teacher be not left all of a sudden and wood the true son is 2 people, cooperate to all crack down on clean.
Since cracked down on four major sky of teacher, don't leave then openings to say:"Like, these four major sky of teachers all have been already cracked down on, now return to Pan peach the general assembly go there, see uncle Shi to how to handle,
discount lv handbags."
If the wood true son listenned to don't leave, is also ordered to nod,
louis vuitton overstock, 2 people wanted to tear to pieces unreal, then moved to move Pan peach general assembly once, in this time, unreal in suddenly a burst of motion,
louis vuitton designer handbags, a sign 箓 then jumped up from the unreal, didn't leave to see this sign 箓 then "Yi" one to say:"H'm?What designation is this again the sign 箓 that uncle Shi sends out, might it not be have,"
Since is leaf the Ling sends out of sign 箓 , don't leave also lazy must check,, directly lay up to start to look into a contents, led a short while and then threw the sign 箓 to a wood true son, let him also have a look a contentses in it, after wood true son finish seeing then noodles now saying of the color of doubt:"The teacher lets we go to big fix Luo to teach of this, princess royal Hong the wild goose receive Pan peach general assembly in ……we and big fix Luo to teach not to is to have a gratitude and grudge Yao, is teacher this action what mean?"
Don't leave to listen to asking of wood true son words,
black louis vuitton bag, is also shook to shake head to say:"I don't know as well uncle Shi is what mean, however the ability of reckoning of uncle Shi, already infinite connect near
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