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TOPIC: around form a world of blizzard in the his body

http://cheap-lancel-bags.webs.​com/ around form a world of blizzard in the his body 12 months ago #2694

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A head of of pikestaff, is also before going toward a send!Stab toward the armpit of Ao Di Si!
Deliver and arrive first behind, Ao Di the sword breeze of the Si leaves old left still have one meter, the point of a spear of this gun leaves his armpit also 1 inch!He is really also a role, withdraw big sword,, use hilt of a sword fierce hit old left Yin breeze of pike!
Is old left to also have never thought the other party to change to recruit so quickly, don't in time take out a gun, be!Be beaten by the hilt of a sword at long pike up, press to say old left strength very big, but now list grasp pike of on carrying, dint arm as long as one Zhang two, the somebody else uses hilt of a sword and his wrestle, dint arm only have a few inches!Incredibly Yin breeze pike to concuss to open!Ao Di once the Si saw have the last breeze, nowise hand goes limp, dint lend this to bump, the big sword stuck a pike pole to sweep to come up!This a double-edged sword top wave only Lin Lin, obviously added saint spirit, this wants to really chop down an old left hand,, so the hand must also drop!Is old left a surprised,, but calm down right away, let go of to throw a gun, once the right hand lift, a flash of lightning beat past,!Ao Di Si's being seen is long through battlefield, not the slightest flurried,
cheap mlb hats, left arm top the Qian wear sorcery skin shield, is exactly overcome a lightning flash-but this Jiang corpse is unorthodox too much, lightning flash in still mixed up a gold to flow, although the skin shield partitions lightning flash,the gold flows exact center arm, even if this arm up take sacred steel A,is to don't use, steel AN is shaken ground split a lot of piece!Ao Di Si one Be stuffy to hum,
cheap hats, but incredibly didn't call out, recite in, a white fog package lives left arm and sees is a white sorcery to what to display and cure Shu!
Once the old left foot hang up, the Xuan Wu Yin Feng's pike returns to a hand in:"Go, you can also can also fight, can not fight and then leave and change a person to come to beat with me!"
Ao Di once the Si accept sorcery and saw old left don't wait for an opportunity to up offend, tiny thought in heart:"This evil thing although improbity,, pour also open and aboveboard,
Cheap New Era Hats!"The left arm resumes of intact as before, hands a big sword:"Can certainly fight, you haven't seen my real terror!"He flaps wings to rise to start to fly to the half is empty, is higher than old left five meterses many:"You carefully connect my blizzard to put out to kill sword!"
The words sound falls to the ground and shout, the dark cloud spreads densely, the strong breeze suddenly rises, cold sting bone,, around form a world of blizzard in the his body,
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Pope is tiny to knit the brows:"Black orchid, I see the move of the Si of this Ao Di also be full of improbity with brutal incline to, and, battle with evil thing how can still speak knight's spirit?Those basically aren't a person, with kill be!"
The black orchid eyebrows tightly locks, but doesn't dare a speech, flank at Pope after death of three archangels-Nis are second, Ao road not, beautiful Di gram Si, this is the absolute being boundary advent of angel,, for the sake of protection Pope of, all day long extremely self-conceited, see more like mole cricket and ant to these under charges, however
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