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TOPIC: but cover the face of first half side to have no problem.Up arrive a grandstand

http://nikeelitenfljerseys.web​ but cover the face of first half side to have no problem.Up arrive a grandstand 11 months, 2 weeks ago #25674

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Live.The person who doesn't understand inside story sees this scene, also think that two of him are to relate to the intimate old friend meets, and passionate embrace! Tang Yin is beaming with smiles, say in Zhang Dong Er's low voice:"Zhang Men Zhu doesn't want to expose this king's identity!" Zhang Dong's body is one earthquake, this just discovers that Tang Yin is also dressed in slack suit and around has no baton and armed escort, necessarily is tiny to take since then.He quickly falls back an one step, a little bit draws back the distance of oneself and Tang Yin and hangs a head to say:"Is, big ……" "Childe."Tang Yin smilingly reminds a way. "Childe,!"Zhang Dong is eight elder brothers to learn tongue return to 1. Tang Yin says with smile:"I see your grandstand position of free and unfettered door quite good, don't mind to make me go up to sit,!" Zhang Dong which dare to mind, again which will mind, does he welcome still too late!Think at him come, the since big king comes in person, so leader of alliance throne also must belong to oneself.He is to repeatedly nod first,, immediately after and repeatedly shake head, the head sways of the elephant stir the wave drum, say:"Do not mind, don't mind, big ……the childe please sit in seat of honor!"Say words, he hurried side body, sit a signal for pleasing,
new era 59fifty, Tang Yin once walks he nearby,, see Zhang Dong stand and don't move at first and obviously wanted oneself in advance,
cheap mlb hats from china, he stopped a step and again depressed voice to say:"Don't make it so obviously,,
Wholesale 59fifty hats, walk together with me, the elephant old friend is similar." "BE, BE,, BE!"Zhang Dong connects a voice to promise, however walk at Tang Yin nearby,, atmosphere not dare to breathe heavily, head also not dare set, lightly moving gentleman image in the peaceful day differs very and far.Doing not say that the person of free and unfettered door is full of to Tang Yin's identity is curious, even the roaming swordsmans of neighborhood also all start to pay attention to him, an each elongation neck looks about, the in the mind secretly guesses this ability and Zhang Dong shoulder to shoulder but the young man going is who. While the grandstand of free and unfettered door is being high and outstanding, canning see a pure platform also be subjected to ten thousand many attentions, Tang Yin is afraid that he or she is recognized out, especially intention Zhang Dong wanted a mask.The mask isn't big, made of iron, talk not ascend fine, but cover the face of first half side to have no problem.Up arrive a grandstand, Zhang Dong originally wants to render up Tang Yin to the just in-between seat of host, and then a position that picked most a corner sits down.Zhang Dong also not force Tang Yin, after waiting the latter to fall, he also kept on sitting in a side and beat the disciples of surroundings all the hair walk, the low voice asks a way:"Does the big king want to how don't advance a voice to receive and let the mean person do some preparation very early toward the mean person dozen." Tang Yin puts once the hand smile and say:"This time origin
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