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TOPIC: the breeze country can also decline this heavy snow in spring​usel/​m the breeze country can also decline this heavy snow in spring 11 months, 3 weeks ago #25644

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The difficulties arrived extremity, if doesn't the our army make track for to kill, doesn't waste greatly good battleplane?" "That you say words clearly, why will the Zhen soldier draw back troops,!" "Ha ha!"What Zong Yuan smiled is uncanny, say:"Want to come,, is that the sky help my strong wind the Wu is not!" Danced Mei and roll of thunder to see one eye each other, 2 people again doubted, whether Zong Yuan's brain really misses he say so awakely by himself. The Zhen soldier certainly couldn't have no to without cause draw back troops at first,
custom NFL Jerseys, and now they already*near breeze all salt city, the victory is near at very short distance, which afraid front is the knife mountain fire sea, Li Cheng will also choose to continue to assault forward. But, it born the unexpected affair of people. The night of the first half, the all is calm, waits until the time of after midnight, the winds and clouds chops about, night sky Yin cloud spreads densely, and the northwest breeze blows great gun. The Zhen soldier is a casual wear to go to battle, the tent taken not only thin,, and amount shortage, many privates and soldiers are all open-air and sleep,, the bise is blown,, even if is the officers and mens in the tent all freeze the Duo cringe Suo and slept to also be imaginable at the person out of the tent,,
lancel handbags for sale. So that cold weather, people where can also sleep wear to feel, an each shrink neck, wreath the upper arm start to climb from the ground and look for to do a firewood everywhere and want to start a fire to keep warm, but Yuan city outside is all plain, where have a stem firewood can look for?End, freezes really to can not stand of Zhen soldier can several people encircle into one regiment and keep warm mutually, The regrettable disaster not only goes, the bise pares off more and more violently, and then, the sky declines heavy snow, such as slip general of the snowflake leak down along with the bise Qing and pare off on the person's face, the elephant was rowed by the knife. This heavy snow comes too suddenly to Zhen soldier, at this time already till spring, Zhen soldier officers and men include Lee present at inside who didn't thought of, the breeze country can also decline this heavy snow in spring,, people prepare not to live, is frozen misery, connect the helmets on the body be all frozen of very hard of, it can not move. The Zhen soldier goes into breeze and burn to kill to plunder, have no bad don't do, almost is see what rob what, but they were it happened that don't rob the most worthless clothes, at this time the air temperature suddenly declines, the bise Lin is strong,
nfl jerseys wholesale, suddenly and violently snow presses a crest, people even order preventive measure all have no, gradual of, have already started someone being frozen of stiff, lie on snow ground an on every occasion, freed to accumulated snow to slowly once cover up own body. Now, the Zhen soldier officers and mens rather use their oneselfs to rob of all jewelries exchange a cotton dress, regrettable, no one will do commutation like this with them. Sleep debt of
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