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new era 59fifty like surprised Hong Lue empty
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TOPIC: new era 59fifty like surprised Hong Lue empty

new era 59fifty like surprised Hong Lue empty 11 months, 3 weeks ago #25631

  • kvzdpcx29
"You can see this is belong to in 5 lines which fasten of bewitching thing?The gold fastens, does the wood fasten,, or even is it water that fasten?Or does the soil fasten?"Although the very valuable green jade once listenned to an old legendary green snake demon of the absolute being state mainland ancient,new era 59fifty, for in the middle of five lines of small secret places this kind of truely now at the at present bewitching thing can not definitely know it detailed, can not judge all of a sudden,, anti- pour to ask to have cloud of idea Yang.
"This is a huge wood to fasten a type of bewitching thing,, contain huge B wood vitality in the body,, be particularly good at for Jing to the magical power that five lines of woods fasten, also have strong snake Jiang and invoke,lancel bags outlet, can hardly imagine it actually bamboo grove Central Cross-Island highway in this natural amplitude went a how leisurely long life dollar."The cloud Yang head doesn't return as well,lancel premier flirt price, the look in the eyes stares at front of snake demon, facial expression thou well not wave of light answer a way.
Wild elephants of river side were gone to by the Zu to escape road, postponed Mian by the snake demon to see not in the end huge body's horizontal Gen to besiege such as the sacred mountain general turn ground.Realize vital Wei Xie,NFL Jerseys Outlet, wild elephants such as have no head the fly Sao is disorderly discomfort.Can escape at escaping to have no, avoiding to have no can avoid and allow the despair that it cuts into pieces under, one is sad cry voice huge to roar to resound through this district,, absolutely is that the ground move mountain to shake, this that Fu, from a distance inform, again hurtle into horizon.
Hurtle in the middle of being compelled to force an anxious circumstance, finally having turning around of half wild elephant suicide typeses facing river water.But meanwhile, the huge bamboo green snake demon all right moved.
Is huge such as Mount Taishan presses a crest of once the snake head explore, ten few rices much long of the blood-red color snake letter electricity walk to visit a dragon, like surprised Hong Lue empty, crazy book lead of again like pure wild clean up, in a twinkling explore last a head of huge monster the wild elephant body of the sort, the chicken Zhuo rice bird Ke insect generally and agilely binds a while it clipped and sent into that to connect a sky connect ground front line in the super huge, and then that has already canned not use"big mouth" describes of the huge piece arrives extreme limit, white dark sharp poison the tooth gleam terrible of ray of light, one mouthful swallows that wild elephant of elephant head.
The condition is very and bloody and terrible and terrible, huge snake that sharp poisonous tooth moment paralyzed the muscle body of wild elephant, let it lose the ability of flounder and activity in the in a flash and and then living fierce of kept on swallowing at 1.1:00 it!
The snake swallows elephant!The snake being real swallows elephant, rather than is that kind of the romance Be miscellaneous to talk, public within Confucian classics literary reference shortage, the snake swallows mutually,
The ancient looses to save down in five lines of small secret places of bamboo green type huge snake demon,, unexpectedly livinged to swallow into the wild elephant of a head of huge monster in the stomach, the condition was very shocking and could not think righteousness!
The stomach that the eye sees the same kind to die at the snake in, the elephants Yu adds frightened discomfort and starts disregarding suddenly and violently ·move to flee elsewhere
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