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TOPIC: and die thus wretched

http://new-era-style-hats-chea​ and die thus wretched 11 months, 3 weeks ago #2548

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Arrived extreme limit.Peeping out on the face that sees him is endless of painful of color, voice send out to together and sad and shrillly bellow in, the whole individual immediately explodes to open,, endless flesh and blood, fly to on all sides,,
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Certainly, the present person is all strong, these flesh and blood, could not splash in the public body naturally,,
Only, this purple Long Dian of five protect a method, Long Chu Wu's dead method, really some wretched, see to deliver in the public heart cold.
Especially purple Long Dian's many strong, they originally still keep putting on airs, the crazy Ao is matchless.But at the moment, their facial expression all became difficult to look,
discount new era hats from china, open purple Long Dian Wu protects a method,
Lancel Outlet, way the territory fifth is heavy sky of the territory achieved wisdom of super strong, so body Yun, and die thus wretched, how they are the still crazy Ao get.
By this time, in Long Chu Er's send out to together and deep and lowly curse and scold a voice, close behind, sees Long Chu Wu's hand in, appear the ensign Fan in one noodles fire red, this ensign Fan in noodles fire red on, continuously send forth a fire with strong to fasten breathing, very strong.Be taken out along with this ensign Fan, present person, immediately and then feel the temperature of of world, good suddenly and quickly heated up.
Qin Nan sees a form and lightly swept to see this pole ensign fan one eye, the flag of this pole ensign Fan on, embroider the flame in three red red, symbolize to never put out of flame strength,
discount new era hats.The long pole of ensign Fan on, carve many patterns of very stranges, good ancient writing, but the but again isn't an ancient writing, seem is a thou is old more, more crude difficult understand of writing.
See Long Chu Er present this magic weapon, purple Long Dian's public eyes, immediately a bright, send out the ray of light that a heat slices.They know that purple Long Dian of two protects a method, Be about to make moves.
The evil door is public,, the nature is confident to Qin Nan.Only, they just once experienced purple Long Dian Wu to protect a method of severe, know five to protect a method unexpectedly than take charge of Ma Xiong Feng to still have to be strong, they are very hard to imagine,, this purple Long Dian of two protect a method, actually again strong arrive a kind of what situation?
At by this time, purple Long Dian of two protect a method Long Chu Er opened mouth, sees
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