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TOPIC: ground on​w-Era-Hats.htm ground on 11 months, 3 weeks ago #2512

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Cold sword, is plus a sky by the ice jade that draws from hasty jelly field ice to outside fly Yun refining but become,, is a low grade treasure machine, Hu Zhen person, you unexpectedly dare for many times to I disrespect, I then want to dismantle your cut-off head with this handle lance today.Not only thus wait until me to cut after you kill, I still need to put out your whole family,, let you know,, give offense to my water's thousand cold ends."
The Long Hu Zhen person doesn't on the contrary smell speech Nu,,
cheap 59fifty hat, way:"Good cruel hand hot woman, however be like you the woman my Long Hu Zhen person like this sees Be getting tooer many, but do you know their final outcomes?Ha ha ha ha, I tell you for the truth, they are at last and all adjusted by me to teach take an of, I make her take off clothes, they will never dare to wear clothes,, I make them eat excrement, and they will never dare to drink urine.Again obstinate woman, the my Long Hu Zhen person can also adjust she teaches into darling female, little beauty, you recognize a life, you will know and have got a my Long Hu Zhen person today,
Cheap Lancel Bags, is you this whole life in the biggest mistake for committing!"
Long Hu Zhen person finishes saying,, once the long sleeve flick, a handle lance then appears in his hand, is exactly previous at 100 treasure Ge the sale will ascend to clap next of that in article treasure machine, bluish green and blue You water put~to death feeling sword.
Obviously, this handle lance already drive Long Hu Zhen person drop the blood recognize a lord.
Sees this sword of Long Hu Zhen, person, Gao Ju, , and shout at top of voice, then toward water thousand cold rush toward.
"Long Hu Jian Jue, 吽 !"
"Old thing, is subjected to dead, Tai!"
Water thousand cold see the form is not unable to decide either, the lance arouses strong breathing and strength of Tao sky, quick and Long Hu Zhen person Dou at together,
Cheap Lancel Bags.
Of a short moment, 2 people then Dou don't know how much round, the plants on all sides, the mountain stone spilts open in succession, drive 2 people great power spread to, ground on, is also spilt open a way thin sew, good enough to see 2 people the terror of real strenght, strength of strong.
"Like, unexpectedly you are stupid and stubborn,
wholesale mlb, I then and Don't mention it, Long Hu Fa is mutually!"
The Long Hu Zhen person shouts at top of voice and suddenly breaks out an extremely arrogant vehemence all over, immediately, see him of after death appear to together and hugely and falsely copy, this falsely copying is the monster of a head of half dragon half tiger, head BE
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