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cheap hats "That turns soul pond not at have no soul
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TOPIC: cheap hats "That turns soul pond not at have no soul

cheap hats "That turns soul pond not at have no soul 11 months, 3 weeks ago #2396

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The light snow embraced a promise all alone any, voice acquaint with, acquaint with of flavor, slowly ripple between each own heart.
Treat continuously
87.Look for of go-chapter 53, recall 1 【 to ask for leave for a day 】
Writing the book is very hard, asking everyone don't humiliate me like this all right, I so make great effort every day, none of you collects, bitterness my heart~~~~
Promise any lightly pushes away a light snow, the hands help her canthus the drop of tear of the side wipe off and in a soft voice say with smile:"Simpleton, you cry what?See, all became big to spend cat, at 1:00 all not good-looking oh."It Be full to is the color of tender feelings in eye.His really daring not believing , in the ghost area, can meet own angel, can meet her, he is to dream to can't thought of, either.
The light snow lightly pounded a promise with the powder boxing any chest and says:"Mao, you smile me again.I isn't this happy?"
"I know, come, we arrive to there discuss."Say,http://www.v2gether.net/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=1326203&extra=page%3D1&frombbs=1, promise any lightly starts to pull the small hand of light snow walks to in a piece of rock, the double double sat down,http://doushihui.com/x/.
"Any, you how can in the ghost area?"The light snow sits on the promise any flank, the hand tightly lets promise any grasps and has never taken out to open, the title sees toward the promise any and in a soft voice ask a way.
"The affair is such, " soon sound Ling"!"Promise any lightly used" soon sound Ling", scanned own career quickly a time of let light snow listen to.
Soon sound Ling:A kind of technical ability of compression voice, can say the language compresses and scan quickly, reduce many time, is also an extensive usage in the military.
"The affair is getting sucher."Promise any lightly dauts the long hair of light snow, the moment concealed own breathing down, he didn't want to make anyone bother him and getting along with of light snow time, even if is a Cang month they.
"Oh, is so, any, that your too hard."The light snow in a soft voice says.
"Simpleton, am I how can hard?It is that you are peaceful to arrive Be free like, also hope those wench peaces."Promise any lightly sighs 1.
The light snow looking at him, slightly grasps his hand and says with smile:"Meeting of, they will be free, I believe,http://siberiatravel.dxnet.ru/node/29692, Ji person from have a sky mutually."
Promise any lightly on smiling, say:"Hope so.However, you how can in the ghost area of this gloomy terror?"
The light snow lightly sighs 1 and says:"The affair still have to just come to start speaking of here from I ……"
Originally, wood light snow at with promise any after they draw in fire for time and space together, her tearing off an open wound and getting into a ghost area on six time and spaces of ghost area , at that time, wased exactly the ghost area Yin corpse river and black river two soldiers to war of time, the Tao war voice in the sky,http://ascavetius.net/main/index.php?option=com_fireboard&Itemid=35&func=view&catid=7&id=212843#212843, numerous ghost soldiers fought in the mutual confused conflict.
"Jiu" of a , suddenly spilted open a son in the sky, a personal shadow from above dropped down.
", Good pain!"A sweet girlish voice rings out, near see, but is a wood of light snow.Hope to watch from a distance surroundings, wood light snow facial expression not from get uneasy, way:"Here is there?What about any?Any!Any!"
The wood light snow slowly starts and not feel at easely pokes aside those sting leaves and lightly and downwards walks, suddenly a figure moment flash across, wood light snow frightened the ground called 1, hope to watch from a distance on all sides, but detection have no what, not from must puzzle, did oneself see an unreal image?Shake, time is just preparing to continue to go forward, a ghost the obscure emergence is in front of her and spread all over blood stain all over, the black helmet on the body breaks ragged lousy, excrescent terror.
The wood light snow got a fright, time is just preparing to yell, but drive that ghost shut up skill Wu Ba,
cheap hats, look in the eyes Yin cold tunnel:"Shut up!Otherwise I killed you!"
The wood light snow finishes listenning to, immediately didn't call and looking at this terrible ghost will, the heart is full of discomfort.
"Quickly and quickly see there have, don't make him run."Distance, a voice rings out, immediately after many miscellaneous and disorderly step voices are since here walked.
That ghost will a surprised, lug the hand of light snow, two words don't say and then hide at one grass cluster in,https://www.usasa.org/forum/newtopic.html, immediately after a group of ghosts since here walked, the soldier gets hurt of the ghost will make every effort the breathing of concealing oneself, but lead the ghost soldier's ghost to is cold fierce the vision to scanning 1 time on all sides and lightly walked to one stub grass inside in the cluster, once the long-handled sword cut, that immediately burns, the ground spilted open a trace, behind but have no what things.Saw one eye, ghost will on flicking, "walk!"Immediately after lead ghost soldier to continue to go forward.
When that ghost will and once those ghost soldiers walk, that ghost that get hurt will immediately breath a sigh of relief, just not know have much breathtaking, the nerves all stretch tight tightly.One loose spirit, that ghost will suddenly vomit one mouthful black blood, look in the eyes have no only, obviously suffered from not light wound, otherwise can't even avoid those ghost soldiers.
Looking at that ghost will, the light snow lightly asks a way:"You, get hurt?"
That ghost will suddenly become overdo, that eyes that spread all over murderous look keep hoping light snow, looking at her in the mind to keep being afraid.Sees that ghost to say:"You little tube, roll quickly for me, otherwise I killed you!"
The light snow smells speech, but says:"Don't , I want to cure for you."The words are a , but the light snow is stunned speechless, she isn't understand she either why want to help this terrible person.
That ghost one Leng, sneer at a way:"Humble mankind, you don't forget we are enemies, cure you for me not afraid be subjected to your compatriot to punish?"
"???"The light snow hears this sentence, not from must puzzle to don't understand, not from get a curious about way, " why do I want to fear to be subjected to our compatriot punishment?"
That ghost will smell speech, not from get one Leng, he is still the woman of so not afraid first sight dead, besides still a completely didn't fix really common woman, dare feeling she is a bedlamite can not?Sees that ghost cold way:"Why?Because from time immemorial, your mankind has ineradicable hatred with our ghost area, you always treat us as different and kill we, one day there will, we will trample you in the foot!"Say to say, that ghost won't from get fury ascension, a long Ji at light snow neck up.
Light snow a surprised, immediately after the facial expression was very quick and then wased calm down, she already the big Kai knew where she arrives at.The long Ji that lightly touches that neck side, the light snow blinks a way:"This is ancient of long Ji?Pretty fructify of, be stabbed definitely very painful?"Immediately after see toward that ghost will, eyes keep conjecturing him.
The ghost will be seen by the light snow feel nervous, lightly drink a way:"Have you already seen enough?"
"Have no."
See a short while, light snow just ask a way:"Are you a ghost?"
"……" Ghost will have no language, he doesn't understand this woman exactly and want why for the sake of paralyzing oneself to take advantage of an opportunity to kill himself/herself so much, still really don't understand?That she again how can in the ghost area?Ghost will cold see her, say, "I don't answer this kind of boring of question."
If"sum ……" light snow blink eyes, said that a ghost will almost need to chop down her, sees the light snow say, "also to, you were originally a ghost, however the ghost that compared my imagination wanted to be a lot of ugly."
The ghost in"you ……" will finally can not stand, fury psychological attack, one mouthful black blood jet,
http://custom-nfl-jerseys-cheap-shop.webs.com/, faint.
"?Faint?Feed, don't be dizzy, I still have a lot of affairs don't ask you!It is depressed.Feed, come to!"
Treat continuously
88.Look for of go-chapter 54, recall 2
Ghost area, in the some cave
", This ugly ghost still really weighs.Shout~~dead tired I."The light snow lightly wills let go of that ghost and pants noisily a way.
Cautiously conjecture a cave, discover that there are unexpectedly big several Zhangses in cave, at most the left side Cape contain a water pond, but pond water is black, and can't produce a sound, this makes the wood light snow very strange.Lightly take out the face towel that oneself brings along, lightly was stained with to be stained with that black pond water, the light snow helped that ghost to wipe off the blood stain on the body, again the hands held some water and slightly let that ghost will drink snow.
Wait these lanes over after, the color of the sky already in the evening, the sky of original cloudiness more dark.Wipe the sweat on the forehead, the light snow lightly exhaled an one breath, immediately after belly but murmur murmur ground rang out, sees a light snow helpless way:"The favour finished, the belly also was getting more hungry, alas."Involuntarily must touch pocket, discover that there is very hard thing in the pocket takes out, the detection is unexpectedly a pack of biscuit!?The light snow tooks a look still just the ghost of deep slumber will, lightly say:"Sky not Wu I, eat bottom first first."Immediately after slowly ate to get up.
Comes down for a night,
wholesale mlb hats from china, the light snow keeps changing water and wipes perspiration and changes water and wipes perspiration, imperceptibly must fall asleep.
The second day
The light snow lightly opens eyes and crumpled to crumple, seeing that ghost will still be sleeping soundly, not from must was lightly sweet smile for a while, start into a black pond to walk.But this time, that ghost will but slowly wake up, tiny open eyes, see water that the light snow wash face towel by the side of the black pond, and then see oneself's corner of mouth of bead, he not from get one Leng:She, saved me last night?What scheme does she exactly have?
The light snow lightly trembled to tremble face towel, the hands were one Ning, black water slowly flowed out, then concussed for a while and walked to return to and saw that ghost will awake, not from get exultation, say:"You come to?"
The ghost has no noodles facial expression ground to looking at her and ask a way:"Why to want to save me?"
The light snow lightly says with smile:"Save you to save you, you are getting more hungry?I am here some biscuits, you eat first some."Finish saying, lightly from the pocket in took out a pack of biscuit, passed ghost in front.
While being complicated the facial expression and seeing light snow one eye, lightly stretching hand to prepare to take that biscuit, ghost suddenly ringing of the belly"murmur murmur" of the light snow.
Once the light snow listen to, the facial expression is immediately red and dizzy, be like a big apple, say:"Ha ha, Be free, my belly isn't hungry, you take to eat."
The ghost will see light snow one eye and stretch hand to picked up a biscuit, "Pa" of a , that biscuit is pulled by him two halfs, stretch out the hand passed the half to a light snow, light tone way:"One person half."
The light snow is one Zheng, immediately after smiled to once connect that half biscuit, said:"Thank."Then picked up a biscuit to eat.
A short moment, the light snow takes the face towel to the ghost will, ask a way:"What does your name call?"
The ghost gleams whole body ray of light and closes tightly eyes to sit with the legs crossed, obviously is at the treatment.Hear the light snow ask him, the ghost would don't open eyes, light way:"The heart is cripple."
"Is the heart cripple?Oh, how are you, I call a wood light snow."The light snow lightly says with smile, " heart remnants, do I want to ask you this to is where?"
Heart remnants see her a short moment, just slowly the inside vomited "ghost area" from the mouth two words.
"Oh ……" light snow understand don't understand a location to nod, "you don't want always this facial expression!The dark sinks of, too ugly."
"……" Heart remnants remains mum, don't talk.
"Mo how?Defy oh, matter 實 very not?"The light snow Du Rang way.
"……" Heart remnants continues to remain mum, don't talk.
"Why don't talk.Is "light snow light tone way, " wound getting more painful?"
The heart remnants shakes and says:"I am all right."
"Oh ……"
Is silent, silent, finally, the light snow cannot helped but and looking at a heart remnants way, "heart remnants, I want to ask you, is a ghost area here, so this ghost area actually is what appearance, can say to let me listen to?"Finish saying to smile toward the heart remnants.
Looking at a light snow moving smile, heart cripple tiny tiny one Leng, immediately after and suddenly and by chance smiled 1:"I with what tell you."
"What, you are the lifesaver who recompenses you like this of oh."Light snow dissatisfied way.
"Ha ha ……"
Such an another world passed by, while the heart destroy under the care of the light snow, the body also quickly resumed, importance of is a heart remnants of the personality got a very big change ……
"Seeing to your body has already resumed about, too good."The light snow looking at heart remnants Xi to laugh merrily a way.
Heart remnants lightly a smile:"This period of time luckily you, otherwise I also impossibly must so quick, thank you."
"Ha ha, Don't mention it.The small matter is 1."
Saw a light snow is one eye, the heart remnants lightly said:"Light snow, I want to walk, you have to be careful by yourself."
The light snow smells speech, Be getting more silent.She just destroys with heart an inside for contiguous this period of time, her understanding this is where, one is dangerous, terrible death district.But the heart remnants is a ghost area ghost the king must fight hard will, have to return to, unless he departed from this life by himself, otherwise be must fight hard dead.Besides if allow the other people to know he and the woman of the human life together, that is the offense to forgive!
Looking at a light snow silent not language, the heart remnants lightly says:"Let , down but I promise you and wait I to return to, I will help you to leave here first, then make you seek your friends."Tell the truth, the identity of heart remnants to light snow really and too amazes, from the outside time and space comer, what not drop, unexpectedly dropped to go into their ghost areas, really built to turn to make a person!
"Can you not not return to?In the your eyes in addition to fight and then have no another thing?"Light snow interrogation way.
Immediately"I ……" heart remnants language fills and probably only fought in the heart before, but now be not, because of the emergence of the wood light snow.Is quiet quiet turn round, the heart remnants lightly sighs 1 and says:"Take good care of, I will come back to see yours."Finish saying, slowly come out a hole inside.
Yin corpse ghost Wang Cheng of river, the heart is all cripple camp
"Does the heart destroy general?Heart cripple general you come back, too good!The brotherses, the heart remnants general came back!"A ghost soldier who just wanted to patrol saw the heart destroy to walk from the outside a military advance camp, not from get one Leng, excitedly go toward in run to publicizee this news.
The heart remnants smiled to smile, didn't realize the mood of that excitement of his own soldier, if before changing and making, heart remnants' early shouting command other people has already thrown an army camp to him.The army camp that saw an eye no longer know by himself/herself foolish how many a hundred years, the heart destroys not from must feel deeply about a , 【probably the light snow really cans say that again, I am fought to be stained with full heart, so many in the last yearses, I have never truely once done I once!almost forget, although I am a ghost, I am also have feelings of, I already drive old grudge and fought to occupy an in the mind?ha ha.】
Shake, lay aside thoughts and feelings, the heart remnants slowly walked into soldier ground.At this time five of his departments will and his 2,000 soldiers just and well regulatedly stand and respectfully grow heart remnants to say:"General regression is welcome!"
The heart remnants point nods and peeps out a complicated color in eye and sees numerous own subordinates of Zhao, the heart remnants lightly says:"Numerous brotherses, your pain.The heart destroys to salute to everyone here!"Finish saying, the heart is cripple tiny to raise right hand, salute.
Owner all tiny tiny one Leng, their seeming don't thought of, the heart remnants will do one behavior like this.In the their eyes, the heart remnants is very strong, the eye inside only kills, bloodthirsty, terrible, heartless, cold blood, but now, this terrible guy unexpectedly does one behavior like this to come out, how not and amazingly?
A patrol walked out and loudly shouted a way at this time:"Is not hard, many brotherses follow general forever and dare to die loyal to general!"
"Dare to die loyal to general!"
Looking at these subordinates, the heart destroys this to just understand, probably only they are sincere to they.So many in the last yearses, oneself is according to the ghost king's order but behaviour, such as walking corpse general, there is completely no feelings but talk, but now ……
After holding a meeting, heart remnants lightly the station is outside the army camp, hoped afar, didn't know to be wondering what.By this time, an in most distressed ghost soldier runs to the in front of heart remnants, shout a way:"General, general!"
The heart remnants didn't talk and poured is he nearby of the patrol opened mouth:"What matter?Tightly is Zhang Zhang what a scandal?!"
That ghost soldier cries to shout a way:"General save the brotherses to chase quickly!They while patroling, that article general kills a green ghost soldier with gun to intrude into our scopes without authorization, we advise them to rush through to leave at once, they hear the brothers that the advice don't listen to, on the contrary still made moves to harm us, hence we made moves with them, can have never thought, the inside unexpectedly has two article general the Zhang is 3 ……beg general to save them quickly and quickly!"
The patrol smells speech and sign gnash teeth in hatred horse, angrily way:"Is damned, they also has gone too far in insult!"By this time saw heart remnants, that patrol facial expression not from must greatly change, drink a way:"The rascal thing don't take these small matters to come to annoyed general and roll!"He is knowing, own general was of heartless of, even if in front oneself's subordinate is killed,is unconcerned.
Saw that patrol is one eye, that ghost soldier suddenly thoughted of what, the facial expression greatly changes and pay falter I the ground say:"BE is BE, belong to under excuse to leave first."Finish saying and then prepare to back next.
"Wait for a second, " heart cripple light openings way, "the sky talk, take brothers and give them a precept."The sky talks and all of that ghost soldiers are one Leng, later on exultation way:"BE!"Finish saying and then back next.
The appearance changes
"Die for me!You so discard!"A ghost Yin malicious way, immediately after one sword killed a ghost soldier.
"The brotherses, we put together with him, !"A ghost soldier is red to fix attention on, the roars way rushed at that ghost will.
"Is over-confident!"That ghost won't scraps way, immediately after one feet scores goal that ghost soldier, immediately after one sword stabs.
In this time, a burst of strong breeze once blows, that ghost will immediately fly several in addition to Zhang, crash into a black treetop, strong breeze later on, but is cripple and numerous heart subordinates.The heart is cripple cool detachment saw that ghost one eye, walk to own under charge in front, right hand ray of light flicker, cover at that ghost soldier body up, immediately that ghost soldier's condition of the injury liked greater half.
That ghost will see is a heart remnants, the facial expression greatly changes, he how don't also thought of, the heart remnants didn't die and also arrived at here.The eye pupil turned to turn, that ghost said with smile Hey Hey:"The not understanding remnants general big comes and has already far lost to face."
The heart remnants looking at him, the noodles has no facial expression way:"You, die!"Finish saying, the heart remnants in a twinkling arrives at that ghost in front, a claw flicks, that ghost will immediately be tored into two halfs and became green smoke to disappear.
The rest follows behind that ghost in the future cause disturbance of the ghost soldier see he be killed, fear heart not from get big, all withdraw in succession.The owner of leaving looking at heart remnants by the facial expression of fright, they how don't also thought of, heart the remnants will make moves to kill those two article generals, only just come down like this for the sake of their these ghost soldiers just, equal heel that ghost will of host is enemy!
Looking at present subordinate, heart remnants lightly way:"From now on, anyones can not humiliate us, who dare to humiliate us, kill!Even if is a ghost king!"
Ghost Wang Dian Li
"The heart is cripple, you this is what mean!"A crude and uncivilized big fellow roars to shout a way.
Heart cripple cool detachment hoped crude and uncivilized big fellow of one eye, light way:"Harmed my subordinate, intruded into my territory, kill!"
"Like, complete, this matter was originally your not to, you really should not say what!"A black tunic man says.
"But I how to do a great commander of that loss!"
"Turn head to seek for you again be, you back bottom first!"
"But-BE!"Kill greenwith gun the handsome facial expression for seeing ghost isn't good-looking, have to to back descend.
"Heart remnants, hope you hereafter notice a point, after all a two article generals be not so easily seek of, besides do we still have two enemies to just cast covetous eyes on to us, don't interiorly appear disorder to make the other people organic can take advantage o!"
The heart remnants doesn't be overdo, didn't talk and lightly ordered to nod.
The ghost is handsome to lightly nod, he but know the terror of heart remnants, the single killed more than 30 demons with several thousand ghost soldier, even the ghost king also wants to be afraid of three to divide.Looking at heart remnants, the ghost handsome light tone says:"Want to hand over to you a task this time."
The heart remnants noodles has no facial expression, way:"Say."Many in the last yearses, he has already been used to this way.
"The day before yesterday, it was sweet to often grasp a common woman, but discover although this woman not was to fix a true,can resist to gobble up "bite a soul interest" of true spirit in our ghost area, and clothing the strange form was weird, the ghost king closes the border again now, before the pass, Wang Chu of ghost's that woman handed over to you to put in the custody of.Bearer takes her to come up!"
"BE!"Two ghost soldiers should 1, withdrew outside in the door, brought a woman later on.
The heart is cripple tiny to turn a head, the facial expression immediately and greatly changes, but the moment was calm down and said:"It is all right."Finish saying, take that woman.
Treat continuously
89.Look for of go-chapter 55, get into to fix Luo's wood
The heart is all cripple camp
The heart remnants looking at at present person's son, not from get wrinkly knit the brows, right hand lightly on flicking, bound in the cordage of that woman to break, say:"Are not you in the cave,
Wholesale NFL Jerseys?Be how can grasped by our troops?"
Is quite good, this woman is exactly a wood light snow.The light snow Jue rises a small mouth and says:"I go to hole and outside seek thing that time, but didn't thought of to be unexpectedly discovered by your troops of ghost area, so ……"
If the heart destroys lightly sighed a , unexpectedly such, there was so no way.Looking at a light snow, the heart remnants lightly says:"You like a rest, I knew how to do."Finish saying, came out a tent, probably, he should carry out to plan at the time.
Night, the heart remnants convened oneself's five departments will, looking at to follow behind oneself to advertise for the subordinate of fighting several years, the heart remnants in a soft voice says:"Is each, the dead hour summons everyone, really ashamed, but affair importance, so ……"
Five departments will hope to watch from a distance each other, a green eye will toward a heart remnants way:"The general needs not stands on ceremony and occupies to keep saying, we are five will certainly go through fire and water, regardless the sacrifice!"
The heart remnants ordered to nod, serious way:"I thanked everyone here, but this matter I don't hope that everyone is subjected to tie because of my , you after finishing listenning to, literally you how choose, is to carry out together, or withdraw with me, I have no complaint."
This words are a , five departments will all discuss to know that the heart remnants says this words to are what mean in succession and not.
Five departments will hope one eye each other, a green eye will looking at heart remnants to say:"General this speech bad Yi, what is up please say, we settle not negative hope, even if the top knife mountain descends fire sea, all regardless the sacrifice!"
"Is regardless the sacrifice!"
The heart destroys eyes suddenly moist, he has never known, there is originally also such a good war ally, lightly say:"The heart destroyed to thank you here."
Ghost Wang Dian
"Heart remnants, you unexpectedly dare to betray ghost adult king, damned!With all strength the shot kills heart remnants!"Ghost handsome voice the Si roar in the ghost palace.
"You are inescapable, the darling surrenders!"
"The brotherses kill!"
Back again appearance
"The occurrence of the affair is so, all blame me, I sorry the heart destroy them ……" light snow says, the tears feeling lightly slides past her lovely cheeks, dropped down.
Looking at an oneself beloved younger sister so suffered,
new era baseball cap wholesale, oneself is to don't already love.Slightly embrace light snow, gentle and soft way:"Like, Be free of, I believe that they don't wish to see your sacrifice to them as well but sad!Is alas, all blame me, if isn't me, you not similar to me be drawn in this dangerous fire time and space, sorry, all is my wrong."
Light snow tiny title, looking at a promise with sorry and ashamed look any, the light snow hands stick on his cheeks, the gentleness says with smile:"This isn't your wrong, is what we insist on and come, don't close your affair, don't always press all responsibilities on oneself, so too hard, I don't hope your too hard, good?"
"Ha ha, I knew and on the contrary poured now is that you came to comfort me."Promise any in a soft voice says with smile.
"Ha ha …"
This time, small skill, Cang month, Xuan green 3 people also arrived at a promise any sees a promise any nearby and the action of the light snow such ambiguity, gleam the ray of light of oddity in the Cang month eyes, but the small skill then jubilantly ran in the past, grasped her hand and shouted a way:"The light snow is you, really is you!Is really too good!"
The light snow lightly says with smile:"Is me, small skill, we meeteach other again."
"Boon, too like, really and too good."Two hearts, drew near distance like this.
Promise any looking at two females, lightly on smiling, become overdo the month hoping toward the Cang is as green as Xuan, say:"This is the younger sister whom I scatter for several years, similar to small skill."
The month of the Cang and Xuan are green to smell speech of one Leng, the Cang month lightly sighed an one breath, the felling was like a rest assured appearance, but Xuan the green doubt ground ask a way:"Any, you scatter of the younger sister exactly have how many?"
Promise any lightly says with smile:"Do you say?Ha ha, in fact can not say and then say on some affairs of my body, I don't want to cheat you, but later I believe to will have what opportunity say."
The month of the Cang lightly shakes head and says:"Do not need, because I am understand, you to my heart, all right already."
"The month of the Cang ……"
The Xuan is green to look the other way loving spark in the collision, not from must say:"Two of you don't wipe spark here and still said now how should do?"
"It isn't hasty, treat me to introduce my younger sister to your understanding."Finish saying, pulled their 2 people to arrive at light snow and small skill flank, several people each other say "hello" understanding behind start to talk about proper business.
"How should now do?"The Xuan is green to ask a way.
"Snow, you come to ghost area so long, where do you know to turn soul pond?"Promise any looking at a light snow to ask a way.
The light snow thought saying:"I also not is very clear, however as heart remnants says of, have no soul in have a blood pond, but don't know is be not."
Promise any wonders and says:"That which place do you know to have no soul?"
"Know, when we fled from home have already passed by there."
Promise any goes toward public face up swept one eye, say:"What is the everyone current opinion ?Now we basically not know the direction that turns soul pond, like this and blindly look for also not is way, so we see this time how?"
"Also canned be so!"The Xuan is green to say.
"I listen to yours!"The month of the Cang in a soft voice says, one silk tender feelings in the eye gleams.
Promise any lightly nods and says:"That good, everyone holds firmly time to adjust an interest and sets out to have no soul under etc.!"After adjusting an interest for a while, promise any etc. person under the designation of light snow, to have no the soul set out, but, didn't°yet arrive have no soul, promise any they then ran into in a hurry from have no come out in soul of purple sun true person's a group of people, there is also Liu Xing Hun et al.
Saw Liu Xing Hun, the promise any eye inside flash across one silk cold light, for the affair in the sword hospital in sky, he but remember clear, and by dint of the memory of oneself to sword hospital in the sky in 《seven boundaries are fabulous 》 , for the sword hospital in sky, promise any in the mind from production borned abhorrence, even regarded as enemy, only now big difficult moment, plused oneself and looked for a light snow, nature be not turned over a face with them this time, but the promise was any in the mind, but secretly made a firm decision, hereafter definitely be good friends with good punishment sword hospital in the sky.
Marked time to face up, saw public one eye, short cut:"Teacher, you how here?"
Six cloud saw their one eye and said:"We the ghost king's trick of the situation Yin corpse, was subjected to a strong attack, with difficulty escaped out."
Promise any facial expression is tiny to change, suddenly think of:"That turns soul pond not at have no soul?"
6 nods and says:"To, but I have already known the whereabouts that turns soul pond, we seek rest in a place first bottom, then do a counterplan to chase."
Was a little bit public to nod, arrived at to fix Luo's neighborhood wood's a small even Qiu up, the amount of company should start how to go in to fix Luo's wood, smoothly to turn soul pond to take out a soul sign.At last and unanimously decide to let the far Yang of breeze and Liu Xing Hun explore truth or falsity.Don't arrive a short while, 2 people all came back, respectively said the circumstance that oneself meets and decided to wait for opportunity to start out.
The title sees to hang in the sky of blood-red color circle month, promise any negative hand but sign, lightly sighed an one breath.
"Why did the alas voice sigh?"A gentle and soft and familiar voice lightly floated to go into a promise any of ear inside.
Saw a station a wood at the side of body a light snow at oneself, promise any eyebrows Ning became one regiment and said:"I at worry small quick they, don't know that they lead how?I am frightened, can not take you to return to."
The wood light snow lightly uses slender finger lived a promise any of mouth, shake, say:"Don't worry, run its course, now that walk to this one step, haven't regretted of situation, is to living, is dead, everythings all follow you but settle at us under, but I can't regret at least."
"Light snow ……" promise any looking at at present person's son, helplessly smiles to smile and says:"Is the whole and then run its course ……" but, heart, remain heavy and matchless.
"Too good!Too good!Turn in the soul pond to leave now two superiors are staying by the side, a best chance now!"Breeze the voice of the far Yang from far arrive near slowly spread to a public ear, is one Zheng first, and then, the pleased facial expression occupied all public reasons.
Six cloud shakes and says with smile:"Even if is so, that has how?The problem is that how can we go in to turn soul pond to take out a soul sign, and once escape a making track for of the whole ghost area superior to kill smoothly and returned to the human life field, this was the key, although this is really an opportune moment,Be getting more urgent too much."
This words are a , the disappointment occupied their at hearts again.The opportunity is to come, but comes too quickly, quickly get them to too late draw up battle plan.
The purple sun true person asks a way:"That we now how should do?"
Liu Xing Hun saw owner one eye and said:"I feel that we should fight, after all the opportunity is rare, otherwise led this village to have no, waited until them back, we a little bit more basic opportunities all have no."
"But can't this meeting be a trap?And we still have to go in to turn soul pond and turn soul pond badly you once said as well, we already not ability again wasted life!"Promise any is cold to say.
"The life is important, but this also relates to the whole personal peace or chaos of boundary, we have to do a choice!"Liu Xing Hun answers criticism a way.
Hence the owners all started disputing of vehemence, but finally still kept deciding to be going to work hard for a while.
Saw owner is one eye, six cloud facial expressions were matchless and heavy, the title sees toward the horizon, lightly sigh 1 and says:"This war pass wear our peace or chaoses, more pass wear the whole personal peace or chaos of boundary, so we have to go all out, can not have a silk to be slacken, we pay not to rise.Everyone leaves!"
"Sou" of a , six cloud figures are one Shan, first hit, took everyone to go in to fix Luo's wood.
Treat continuously
90.Look for of go-chapter 56, Long Yun Xin
Was public to get in to fix Luo's wood along with six cloud, slowly closed to turn soul pond, indeed as expected turn soul pond flank only two superiors is staying by the side, public not from get exultation.But promise any but ill at ease, from study Luo's wood start, that the uneasy terrified felling slowly occupied his mental state, the subconscious musted fist a fist.
This time, under the secret password of six clouds, Liu Xing Hun, the sword has no dust, Cang month, Ao snow 4 people flick a weapon and kill respectively to the ghost area ghost and demon area.
Immediately, the whole side that turn soul pond, brilliant, the inhibitting of quickly passing time dead dead of four different colors ghost and demon area.
When cloud maple untied to turn sealing of soul Chih-Shang to print, numerous ghost with terrible voice voice from fix Luo's wood to ring out, numerous ghost shadows slowly present, ghost the handsome Yin Be fierce to appear in the public in front without basis, sneer at a , the one who turn round to see toward ghost and demon area, high regard way:"Have the Lao two high statuses, the big king would definitely remunerate well two, we fixed these first damnedly now true person to tidy up to say again,
Lancel Purse."Turn body to once see toward promise any is public, the Yin says with smile:"Welcome to the place of the ghost most mysterious area-fix Luo's wood, I took all superiors of ghost area to keep company with everyone, don't know if is everyone satisfied with?"
See in the moment dense one, public peeped out a heavy color
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