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It exchanges blows and won O,, can directly kill people to kill, if lose, is tantamount to to the cold house,, set up a strong enemy.Really need to give up to loot to be worth of in this son hand very valuable six rank evil monster crystal pit?"Listen to words for soaring in the leaf sky, Qi east the Sen right away sank in to contemplate in, temporarily don't know how to make a choice.

Chapter 76 pre-eminent Qi east Sen
At Qi east Sen the time of temporarily hard choice, the correspondence absolute being that he along with takes machine, the violent earthquake moves.
At random took correspondence absolute being machine, connect with converse legal power, seven masters in the cold house are cold to postpone the voice of Chong, ring out by the side of his ear:"The Sen of the east, you now the bush still in the neighborhood of unique Ling in, just attained for a sky, treasure star, receive Zuo the family deliver to come of ask for help an information, say a to Zuo house, that is a count for much by the name of young man for soaring in the leaf sky, the bush in the neighborhood of unique Ling in activity.Is this person the absolute being private class only fix for,, but the fighting strength is very strong.However, the person of the absolute being gentleman class Zuo family say, , be good enough to fight down he, in the bush, you met this person, think the way keep him,, bring back rather Anne's city, be me cold house send to the Zuo house of meet a gift."
"The young man of the absolute being private class, the fighting strength is very strong, this person's seeming is an at present young man."If the Qi east Sen finish listenning to cold to postpone Chong, with the Shu of airtight sound, should answer a , then hanged up converse legal power,
discount new era cap, immediately after twist a head to looking at a leaf to soar for sky, say with a smile:"Is you it the leaf sky that soar?"
The leaf sky soars although have never used to correspond by letter an absolute being machine, but to the function of correspondence absolute being machine, and use,
discount new era hats from china, understand very much.
On listenning to Qi east the words of the Sen, the leaf sky soars immediately understand, at present of Qi east the Sen be probably just passing to correspond by letter an absolute being machine, with a certain know the guy of his circumstance,, words,
Authentic Lancel, understood some circumstances concerning him, in the heart temporarily feel have a little nervous.
Silent short moment, the leaf sky soars a town quiet self-composedly say:"BE with be not, this very importance?"
"If you be not, I can put you to leave now.If you yes words, have to leave, together leave this wood's area with me,
wholesale NFL Jerseys,, go to a day
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