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TOPIC: the who's the winner hasn't known

http://mlb-new-era-hats-shop.w​ the who's the winner hasn't known 11 months, 2 weeks ago #21535

  • yrejzvzc91
To his teach a tube.
The one who lose language is very few existence in Long Zu, they naturally can not study Long Yu's sorcery, therefore be called to discard a material,
But in the eyes of those companions, Ba Ke would is Long Zu's humiliation!
Hope depressed and not talking much little Ba Ke, cannot helped but walking over to knock to knock his head night month, "can not cultivate sorcery how again, you are the green dragon of eldest brother definitely worthless!"
"Is the green dragon definitely?"Is virtuous the root admiring Ni thought of to impede that day own of the green light, heart way probably circumstance combine don't seem to be at the beginning to think that the ground is so bad.
Ba Ke's emotion seems to be still to have some to fall low,, "do not use, Long Yu's sorcery has to be much stronger than the clan sorcery of those people!"
If the green dragon will never only can continuously chain turn a meat body to become a true dragon to enhance physics defense and also take to have certain magic trick immunity at the same time, this at difference boundary, would be sorcery immunity, present Ba Ke and sorcery teacher combat, want ~only distance not far, which fear ten method saints present also useless, because definitely green dragon first floor can immunity eight ranks as follows of sorcery, and a method saint can deliver in a sudden of,, tallest is also the sorcery of eight ranks, in fact according to reason, a sorcery teacher can deliver in a sudden of,,
new era caps online shop, tallest is also eight rank sorceries,, nine rank sorceries even if are methods absolute being, physically come to say just Mo hair, be not read voodoo, but still keep needing 0.45 time, the process is brief, so the ordinary people has a liking for go to be like deliver in a sudden, if Ba Ke's distance and method absolute being are peak strong face to face stand of words, the who's the winner hasn't known,
cheap wholesale NFL jerseys, but as for words that sing in front of Ultrasaurus, is also with seek dead to have no difference,,
Ba Ke of upset lie in, all of Long Yu's sorceries are more than eight ranks, although can be been one part by the expunction, not ability immunity,
The night month smiles very mysteriously, "you just did first floor now, after breaking second floor, each small stage real strenght is the increment that becomes doubly, but tallestly and 4 F,, do you think what appearance meeting is?"
Have the cajolery youth's child's suspicion night month, green dragon definitely 4 F, even if is during the period of the permafrost ancient Hong Huang, is also legendary existence, Long Zu of Hong Huang, at 1,000,000 years, in the time, numerous Zong remarkable talents, also however only only several people(dragon) definitely did the green dragon to 3 F highest point, but ability at easily the common quasi- saint is strong the ash fly smoke to put out of purple the Xiao absolute being is safe and sound under the thunder, the Li robs to turn an absolute being dragon.
But truely fix to arrive 4 F according to jotting down of, only Long Zu the zeroth generation Zu word natural endowments' strongest Zu dragon in generation, ever hard answered nine to record even the sages all not definitely ate of eliminate mentally dense absolute being thunder, finally force of that could use great magical power
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