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Take, but want Yao to take a shovel chopper in these hands, the Yao woulds be to carry big black pot of, original bottom spirit all of the dissipation have no a while.
"Report!A camp should arrive 1,000 people and actually arrive 1,000 people, please indicate!"Luo's text emolliently to cloud seven shout a way.
Cloud at 7:00 nod, fall the vision to the body of Wu Ting Yan again up.
"Report!Two camps should arrive 1,,000 people and actually arrive 1,000 people, please indicate!"Wu Ting Yan equally just vigorously and emolliently roared a way.
cheap custom nfl jerseys!Three camps should arrive 1,000 people and actually arrive 892 people!Probe connect go out to carry out a task, all of the rest arrive, please indicate,!"
"Report!Four camps should arrive 1,000 people and actually arrive 892 people!Stay to guard new moon city 1 to connect, all of the rest arrive, please indicate!"
"Report!The medical brigade should arrive 22 people and actually arrive 22 people, please indicate!"
"Report!The cooking class should arrive 7 people and actually arrive 7 people!Please indicate!"
Cloud seven heavily ordered to nod, loudly shout a way:"Good!This is the crackest troops, the military discipline is strict clear, the morale is full, I believe as long as have us are eastern to forbid Wei of existence, tiger leopard the camp leap 跶 not several day!"
"Good!"The underneath is several thousand famous general the private loudly applaud at the same time.
"Make a long story short, the special kind battle compromises a group match, our number is too many, not suitable for collective battle, I prepare to break up whole into parts.Adopt each the unit that connect class to battle alone, take connecting as one whole, the tallest performance superior is each even of company commander, is also say, this time no matter what is all done an end order bottom by each company commander for connecting to reach."
"East's forbiding Wei is a special kind battle troops, I hope that the skill that everybody here all can do in the wolf tooth mountain is used here,
59fifty fitted hats, regardless you use what method, as long as is can kill an enemy of is good method, not is going to feel how how of don't seem to be a man should do of,, anti- shot foreign enemy, protecting home that is a man, is that a pure Ye!"
"You can attain!"Cloud seven roar loud.
"Ability!"3,800 famous general private unanimous opinion, the roaring cry masters the whole valley.Momentary, top of hill Lin Jian's bird frightenedly rushed toward to beat wing to fly in succession a while bush.
"One camp,!"
"Have!"Luo's text is forward one-step.
Cloud seven jump down rock, walk to Luo text in front,,, loudly say:"I orderany, a camp does front side to meet the enemy, main task is have to!Listen to!BE have to tiger leopard camp the main attraction enter horizontal column up, listen to understand have no!"
new era 59fifty!"Luo the text loudly return to way and respected a military salute of standard at the same time.
"Remember, the task immediately breaks up whole into parts after completing and launches a battle!"
"Two camps,!"Cloud seven walk to Wu Ting Yan's in front to loudly roar a way.
"Have!"Wu Ting Yan hurriedly stands chest, forward one-step,, two eye firm
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