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TOPIC: 'Draw a tiger at the door

http://custom-nfl-jerseys-chea​ 'Draw a tiger at the door 11 months, 4 weeks ago #2048

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Wood, past the feeling is many Suns, but use 28 of true vitality, make it hand over to match to a, then gold wood have no, Long Hu from Fu but become Dan, then take liver as the dragon, kidney as tiger in the human body, but outside the Dan then still take an idea of yin and yang and take dragon as a lead, the tiger is a mercury.
In the ancients heart, the tiger is a terrible thing, a worthy of respect thing again.Terrible BE, it meeting anthropophagi dumb.But worthy of respect of because it is domineering and matchless, can avoid evil.But in some ancient books, such as east man, response to Shao of 《customs accepted meaning.Sacrifice Dian 》:'Draw a tiger at the door, the ghost doesn't dare to go into', 'the tiger, penis,,, the long all kinds of animals is also.Can keep Tuan Cuo Rui, bite to eat a demon, person soldier get bad meet, burn tiger skin to drink it.Shot its claw, can as well open up bad.This it checks also.'The ancients still thinks that the woman without pubic hair is a kind of good omen:'The monster that is virtuous to go to bird.'
The first Buddhist paradise star absolute being is bear and owl, but behind is while changing in to°from the bear a dragon because of the totem of the Qiang clan in thou.But again arrive Emperor Huang of to east development, the totem of dragon is taken east, heel'eastern Cang horoscope dragon'unite as one, Zhu Niao then become unified south the Feng totem's new residence in Kingdom of Heaven, because of two greatest tribe fusion but finally become'Long Feng show lucky omen'.It is an east to is an ancient totem Feng but west dragon, is an astrology then east Cang dragon but west Zhu Niao.After arriving a Zhou Dynasty, the feudal system formally establishes, five lines of thoughts are also mature, be like sky to re- divide the line, Zhu Niao put south, with wish to melt god of fire to worship together.But west of worship woman without pubic hair.Struggle and move in the tribe, the dragon of northwest toward move toward east, the Feng of east toward move toward south, the tiger of south toward move toward north,, the whole country shows idea sport that greatly turnovers.Till Han Dynasty five lines of ideas became unified thought and repaired a Xuan again completion force'everywhere of absolute being'of kit.
In the ancient times 《historical records.Paradise book 》'the east temple Cang dragon,
Wholesale New Era Hats, southern Zhu Niao, west temple salty pond, north the temple Xuan is martial.'Here of isn't a woman without pubic hair, but salty pond.But the salty pond is the star of lord grain, lord autumn, because the grain has harvest in autumn of, so put it in autumn, but it isn't an animal, how can and the dragon, bird and turtle go together with four work properly?In《justice 》 :'In five cars, salty pond SAMSUNG's theory of evolution south, fish bird?Also.'So put forward to query in Sung generation F:'Cang dragon, Zhu Niao and Xuan force, each total seven nights but speech it,
discount new era hats.As for salty pond,, then don't one star, comfortable 28 night outside,
Lancel Handbags.The salty pond still has an explanation, is the sun to take a bath of.At 《Huai south son.Astronomy article 》:'Sunrise in,
new era shop?Valley, the bath is at the salty pond,, Be kissed to hand mulberry, is call a morning clearly'.It is thus clear that salty pond originally the Qiang person see as the place of sunrise, the salty pond is also a lye lake, should be the Yu of the Min mountainous country area lake, or Qing Lake.Can prove the star temple that the primitive man worships natural phenomena from here
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