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TOPIC: don't think that the words excessively wrong money​/ don't think that the words excessively wrong money 11 months, 4 weeks ago #2023

  • mcqvcujyh28
Funds, the his hand at present holds 1,500,000,000 funds, Dou's setting up a dragon is it may be said that the confidence is hundred percent,,
Although gold easy of emergence, make him some worry anxiously and misgiving, just the gold easily has already auctioned off snow three the flowers went to 1,000,,000,000,, he didn't believe the other party hand in also like this huge funds.
Sometimes, ignorance's usually representing is wretchedness, is a martial, he sometimes can hardly understand some business wealth within billionaire's hands actually is what huge.
Although 1,500,000,000 funds are huge,, among the only present billionaire the many people can easily take out, these billionaires don't participate in the main reason of their competitions because the value is different, some products are in their eyes unworthy this price, don't think that the words excessively wrong money, so just don't compete with them just,
"The gold is little, this a piece of Wen Yu can render up young girl,
cheap 59fifty hat!"Is clinging after seeing this elegant treasure jade, the sweet girlish voice easily says to the gold.
Wen Yu for the function of martial is need not to doubt, a piece of thousand years, Wen Yu can let the self-discipline speed of Wu Zhe that dark strength expects quickly ascend 100% not only, even if is to become bankrupt, is clinging the jade all wanting a piece of treasure this claps down for Jing, but gold easy of identity but make clinging very understand, as long as the gold easily wants this a piece of treasure jade, the opportunity that she basically has no acquires.
Probably the property of gold easy evil spirit shows regiment still cans not compares with the absolute being sound accumulation of door more than thousand years currently.But if calculate the fluxion funds in the hand.Even if is all the whole absolute being sound doorknob fluxion funds to come together to together also definitely can not compare with evil spirit shows regiment.
Looking at among the clinging look in the eyes reveal of beg, gold easy can helplessly shake to shake head,
new era caps online shop, if these are a piece of thousand years, Wen Yu's words, the gold easily and probably will cut off for a while, but ten thousand years Wen Yu's function really is too strong, not only have very nice effect to the self-discipline that turns a strength superior, but also can also resist heart evil emergence, so gold easy can shake head a brush-off way:"Execuse me, Ms,, I think that you should also understand this importance of a piece of treasure jade to martial.I am also a martial, also want to get it, so is very sorry!"
Hear a gold easy answer, the clinging look in the eyes Be dreary to come down.Some absolute being harm.
See an unique color beauty sad appearance,, the gold easily and always has some cant not bear to, advise a Wei way:"In fact even if is that I don't bid,
cheap hats, you are also a competition however two of your seniors of, so don't be so sad."
"So the gold is little if I lie in among two competitions of seniors acquire the words of championship, isn't this a piece of Wen Yu to render up young girl?"Is clinging to lift her that face that cuts off a color,, the seductive eyes,such as silk ground, looking at a gold easily.
Seemed to move heart of mercy
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