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TOPIC: other persons also make a bird monster to spread.

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But owing to the awe of big elder, they don't dare to move,
The big elder deeply absorbed tone, sneer:"Good!Good!Good!Allied Chu hopes that you don't regret,,!"He repeatedly said three'good', well meant oneself the rage at this time.
Being cold to hum is a ,
Custom NFL Jerseys, he kisses Xiu to leave.After he, other persons also make a bird monster to spread.
Hope they leave of figure, Feng allied Chu laughs at of the air Be gradually thin to go.He walks into behind hall, once went 100 blossomy gardens, distort of long gallery, go into a quiet courtyard.
Push away a hospital door, get into a hospital, to the eye is a quite and idle small hospital.The grape of the center bottom, put a stone table, above put a Four Treasures of the Study, and a few books.He walks to come forward and at will turns over to open several origins, slightly sees several eyes and deeply sighs ……
Just at this time, not the door of distance opens, long hair shawl, the red dress of a simple style, the air cool Feng rain Han walked out, him,, beautiful the Mou remain equanimity.
Feng allied Chu hopes her, breathed sigh.Keeps the house for a year, the moral culture cultivates mental poise and have already washed to go to her originally supercilious.Is current of she, still the qualities is outstanding, but without drive, many spiritual influence.
"Put~to the trouble father."The father female meets, the beginning is a , but is the ceremonious words that neglect thus.
Feng allied Chu knows she is at is proper just big elder one matter but thank.Shake."Father female a pair, say what put~to the trouble.Want ~only how are you, is father of then fully satisfied."
Smell speech, brush past one silk in the Feng rain Han lonesome eye tiny don't be within the reach of of apology, turn to namely die in a sudden.
She no longer talks, Feng allied Chu temporarily also unable to find topic.2 people consume so, time passes.End, Feng allied Chu has to turn over handy book, question way:"How to disappear soldier's book that you turn over to see favourite?Finished seeing?Wanting don't I wear a person again deliver?"
His this daughter, the love of saw art of war strategy, but didn't love the small book of common girl's house since the childhood, Book of Poetry.However at this time, this up of several origin, but is all some woman books.
"Need not,
discount new era hats."Feng rain Han way:"These are quite good.Always spent time in the self-discipline before, or saw art of war strategy up, felt to read these books to take a lot of time in the wave.But quieted down now,
Wholesale NFL Jerseys,, turned over several pages and discovered, in fact also very good."She slowly stands down stairs and arrives at a stone table side.Picked up this book,, light way:"The inside there are various people, the feeling of various each kind.Entirely is the matter that I before have never thought ……some fascinating places, than of soldier's book have to also once have it but all and."
"But that isn't
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