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TOPIC: The martial way of this regiment champion Hou spirit

http://lancelbagsinlondon.webs​.com/ The martial way of this regiment champion Hou spirit 11 months, 3 weeks ago #18686

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Accept the flesh and blood vitality of absolute being foetus, grow up.
The Hong is easily tiny tiny on sweeping, know, this was the spirit will of champion Hou, a boxing idea.
This absolute being foetus in addition to this boxing idea after, there is basically no soul, the infant in placenta, pure flesh and blood, where come of consciousness and soul,,
"If I learned snake king in the sky's dark Luo's foetus of Man Tu to hide big knot boundary, can for even and a day seal to forbid this regiment Wu Dao's will!But now, also can so!"
Face this regiment Wu Dao's spirit, Hong easy soul violent an earthquake, around package, immediately cut off the outlet that it absorbs the Na absolute being foetus vitality growth.
The martial way of this regiment champion Hou spirit, such as tumor general,, absorb the absolute being foetus Jing blood vitality but growth to at last and completely become the soul of absolute being foetus.
When the time comes, this regiment absolute being foetus completely became dividing time of champion Hou and fought of body,
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The Hong easily cut off consciousness all of a sudden and made use of mind package to get up now, this regiment tumor couldn't grow up again, however want a chain to turn,, exterminate,
Wholesale 59fifty hats,still have a period of time.
But have been enough like this.
In a moment, the Hong easily attaches body success and completely controls this absolute being foetus body.
At control this body of for an instant, Hong easy of soul, and the body is brief to blend, feel such as river's river generally rising, like general Wei E in Tashan, such as gold similar immortal,
Nike NFL Jerseys, such as gold just generally strong and tough spirit blood, skeleton, sinew and flesh.
All over the body 100 caves, completely wear through the world of the universe calico sack, and big many difficult to express stars of thousand worlds,, respond mutually.
"Person's fairy ……this is person's fairy ……the state of person's fairy ……really being too strong, is more exquisite than promoting ghost fairy of, strong decuple a hundredfold ……promote ghost fairy, just comprehended the way of life and death,, but promoted person's fairy, comprehended two heavy cosmos, two heavy the yin and yang, Human body and world blend ……is this the state that the machine of Hong Xuan arrives?Is indeed as expected strong, really arrogant!"
For an instant, the Hong easily felt person's fairy of strong.
The whole day pillar absolute being stone, crack open by explosion all of a sudden to open, numerous rocks, on all sides splash to open.
Hong easy soul, put up at a foetus on the Jing dollar in, a little bit luck takes out Sui to turn a dollar big method, a huge Jing blood vitality, all over the place want the whole souls to all drown.
Got the guts of person's fairy to add soul, moment, Hong easy of soul extremely growth, each mind, ate the growth of big tonic.
But this absolute being foetus,
lancel 2013, break hull but all of a sudden,
lancel online, the noodles permits the last sinew and flesh, tiny turn, unexpectedly and Hong easy I am some likeness!
"This is what!"
Wang Xing Mou from snake in sky , suddenly, felted a crystal disk of hand, violently the quiver gets up, a huge guts, gobble up but.
The whole black crystal disk cracked open by explosion all of a sudden to open, and then became
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