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lancel handbags paris these sword Weis are what Lin Bei Wen's training comes outs
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TOPIC: lancel handbags paris these sword Weis are what Lin Bei Wen's training comes outs

lancel handbags paris these sword Weis are what Lin Bei Wen's training comes outs 11 months, 2 weeks ago #18684

  • jjahjxurgc62
Refine good 1,800 took lance to come out.
Need sword Weis to all line up to finish getting lance, the ocean of literature looking at Xiao jade to ask a way clearly:"General, can these a double-edged swords have a word?"
With the idea of Xiao jade, these sword Weis are what Lin Bei Wen's training comes outs, the name of lance used by sword Wei should also have Lin Bei Wen to settle, however, see the ocean of literature wait person's eyes clearly of expect, the Xiao jade wanted to think, say with a smile:"Originally pour in the brain is to take a name for these lances,, however, originally will be worried that you don't like.
"The general takes of name, belong to under how can don't like?"
The Xiao jade point nods and says with smile:"Your self-discipline is 《 star month sword method 》, these lances call star for month sword also it could be, however,
lancel handbags paris,, the star month sword this name nothing important vehemence, hence, originally compromise to want to think waning moon sword, this name for these lances."
"Waning moon sword this name really compares a star sword to have vehemence for month!"
The ocean of literature smiled to answer clearly a , arch hand way:"Belong to next take them to play for general to show a time of moon sword!"
The Xiao jade shakes and says with smile:"Now not just time, waited until western strong city, you display the power of of moon sword again,!"
Hear this words, Ma Yuan Fang's socket asks a way:"General, beat western strong city,"
The Xiao jade point nods, wanted to think and pondered a way:"This battle not difficult dozen, but is the good opportunity of an establishment soldier achievement, you also take part in!"
Is tiny tiny on the face of Ma Yuan Fang a red,
discount new era cap, say with smile:"General war, belong to under how could don't follow behind or so?"
"H'm!You all prepare!"
Opened the troops in the sun city to all once experience many warfares, went to move very and quickly,, be the Xiao jade take a blood tiger Wei and sword Wei open the sun city north door of time, open sun city north the troops who outside come together in the door already exceed 100,000 count.
In command of blood tiger the Wei and sword Wei ascended the black cow ride a sitting of soldier to ride, the Xiao jade took Ma Yuan Fang to arrive at an emperor to leave a plentiful etc. person just front of.
The emperor leaves plentiful etc. just person there is antebellum and dignified one on the face, but also difficult Yan excitement within their heart,
From the ancient arrive at present, shooting the country villa in day to rule too the Kang county already more than 3,000 years, if their ability will too Kang county from shot the country villa hand in day to up take over of words, their names will definitely spread future generations.
Many superiors came together to together talk to smile a short while and waited until the battalion outside the city gate exceeded 200,000, the emperor left just plentiful orderany a battalion beginning ambulation is toward the western strong city direction.
Spend for a days and two nights, the emperor leaves 270,,000 battalions that the plentiful etc. person leads to appear just at the western strong city is outside.
Looking at the city gate upstairs stand of the summer Yuan wait a person,, the emperor leaves plentiful eyebrows just a wrinkly, turn a head to see to Xiao jade.
The Xiao jade sneers at 1 toward the Yuan in summer and turn a head to toward a face to take interrogative that the emperor leaves plentiful etc. just person sneer way:"They only make a deceptive show of strength just,
new era style hats, summer Yuan impossibly for the sake of department
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