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TOPIC: isn't oneself to dream.

http://raybancliponsunglassesc​ isn't oneself to dream. 11 months, 1 week ago #107936

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The person to once learn English reads an English novel, this isn't the just like in read book in a sky?
"No matter!Anyway this even if is an escape from death, necessarily have luck in later life!"Later affair hereafter say again, anyway he Xiao star the wolf all killed a person and broke jar to break to fall off and waited wrong solve again!
Thus, this originally very important gold Dan, so drive Xiao star the wolf directly neglected.
For the very first time break out midnight!Beg a ticket to beg to collect!
Chapter 11 returns campus
Xiao star wolf at the moment the station is in front of the school in eastern Long Shi Qing Long's university and profoundly absorbed an one breath.
The old daddy walked in a little while yesterday, Xiao star the wolf escaped return to the cabin that oneself lives, well enjoyed a hot bath.He looking at the bathroom of the Teng of steam Teng and cans not helps exclamation, how oneself didn't discover before, felling originally took a shower, also true great!
He starts to remember those two months the inside is in Kowloon of live in caves in the cave living, and a few days ago of 19 thunders rob and immediately feel feel like to separate a life time.
Was like to have a dream that takes fairy Xia as background.
Can the thou on the right hand bowl the plain small sword tattoo tell him, all everythings is the true realities actually once took place, isn't oneself to dream.
Lately, Xuan Yuan had already told the Xiao star the wolf, a future day inside, the Xuan Yuan wanted to sink into soundly asleep.Because he just passed through a sky to rob, although don't suffer from very big injury, can his sword body haven't repaired need to be closed the border well.As for the location closed the border certainly was inside the body of Xiao star wolf.The Xuan Yuan can also conveniently study for a while, Xiao star wolf this teratism why can also living to leap frisky under the sistuation that the gold Dan falls in pieces.
Du Du Du.
The trumpet voice of a burst of car interrupted the recollection of Xiao star wolf.
The Xiao star wolf becomes overdo, the detection is red of, very special and spectacular Ferrari.The car owner seems to be just to blare a trumpet very impatiently.The Xiao star wolf Song shrugs shoulders, can't, who call is oneself's standing YY in the doorway at the school.He is about to walk to the part, who know that Ferrari but suddenly start, dead straight hurtled to come over toward the Xiao star wolf, also ignore a Xiao star the wolf step aside have no!If change to do is before, although the Xiao star wolf once did the gossip Zhang of inherited in the family, can at that time of he after all didn't°yet was strong to arrive negative sky of, suffered from some slight wound be getting more affirmative.
Can be getting more different now.
Although there is no gold Dan, can somehow the Xiao star wolf is already also a dollar baby in the early years little superior, saw a Xiao star wolf in no hurry to lightly float to open by a kind of very difficult to understand track and floated to leave the orbit that the Ferrari goes forward.
The person in the car slightly Yi a , but don't also decelerate, keep
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