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oakley sunglass men Chen Jie saw Chen Zhe
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TOPIC: oakley sunglass men Chen Jie saw Chen Zhe

oakley sunglass men Chen Jie saw Chen Zhe 11 months ago #107920

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After the news in the official residence, manager in the Hou house has been quietly incubating here and wait for opportune moment.But at present,
oakley sunglass men, this opportune moment was finally waited until by him, on all sides the martial that leaves Chen Jie and Chen Zhe, any two spark territories.This to the strong of the this month of manager in the Hou house fire territory,, shot's killing 2 people is completely an extremely easy matter.
"Is you!"Looking at manager in the Hou house,
cheap oakley oil rig sunglasses, Chen Zhe any of the eyebrows can not help one Cu:"Originally you have been all aring following us!"
"Hum!"Appear one smiling of silk dark idea on the face of manager in the Hou house:"You are two boys,,
oakley cheap sunglasses, at the beginning dare openly set against with our Hou house in the limits of the earth building, I oddness you where come of dog Dan.A check under just know, you are inborn sanctuaries to receive recently of genius Wu Zhe, once had big opportunity of genius Wu Zhe!"
"So did you want to kill us and seize the treasure thing on our body?"Chen Jie Leng says.
"Is quite good!"
"I have been following you, have been waiting for this a moment.Have no strong of those palace kings and that grey hair to protect you at present, you being seized without putting uping a fight of 2!"Manager cold sneer way in Hou house.
"Bother!"Chen Zhe any of the facial expression become a bit dignified, the low voice says to Chen Jie:"Chen Jie, after a while I directly use a purple female phoenix emperor Ji,, should be able to procrastinate he a period of time, you take advantage of an opportunity to hurriedly escape!You need not be worried about me,
ladies ray ban sunglasses, I from have already protected life means, he can not kill me!"
Chen Jie saw Chen Zhe, any eye and shook head a to say with smile:"Where use wear so troublesome, my a person can solve him."
"Don't strut about, he is the strong of month fire territory!"Chen Zhe any in earnest says:"Although you had some opportunities in evil official residence king,, the real strenght had already come to a the spark territory fifth heavy, but spark territory and month fire territory, have a liking for to seem a bad only a grade,
louis vuitton official website mens, actually then but is one margin of great state.Even if we cooperate, all don't necessarily his opponent, the best way, be I make use of purple female phoenix emperor Ji to procrastinate him, while you take advantage of an opportunity to escape and stay green mountain at not sorrow have no the firewood burn!Waited until our real strenght to promote to come up, slowly sought him to calculate this debt again!"
Chen Jie looking at Chen Zhe any, can not help smiling a to smile.
Short in a short time,
oakley sunglass sale, Chen Zhe any of the growth is also the quickest, especially in the disposition.Chen Zhe any can already attain to deal with affairs not surprised,, all keep widing awake of oneself's brains and calm down at any time.
"You can
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