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french flair lancel the scenery being incredibly constituted by this figures hits dizzy
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TOPIC: french flair lancel the scenery being incredibly constituted by this figures hits dizzy

french flair lancel the scenery being incredibly constituted by this figures hits dizzy 11 months ago #107890

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Felling oneself's head Be a burst of to faint, the scenery being incredibly constituted by this figures hits dizzy!
Xi ǎ the o was quickly quiet to push me several pair of,, "elder brother, the elder brother comes to!?How to still don't come to, baby,
french flair lancel, you come out quickly, the elder brother fainted!"
The words sound just fell, the baby's figure had already appeared at my in front, was suffused with secret worry in big eyes of clearness, ", how was xi ǎ o's being subjected to this ?"
However, the words sound just fell, xi ǎ the o is quiet already from after death a hold tight her waist,
discount lv bags, but I then a press down her shoulder.
Baby this just the idea expected he or she to cheat, immediately tears Lian Lian, "two hero good brave fellows,, the wretchedness has mercy on my this xi ǎ oj ī the ng work properly,, I up have is old next have xi ǎ the o of ……knead where don't knead me, either scale!"
"Burst!"Xi ǎ the o was quiet don't spray, I have already sprayed.
The xi ǎ o calms down a kneaded her face, lightly hum a way, "the o wench of xi ǎ ,
oakley titanium sunglasses, you are awakening today, your dead settled!"
The baby's face is immediately kneaded of walk form, sob a way, "I acknowledged wrong, the xi ǎ ok ù k ù was all wrong."
"Burst!"I sprayed again.
When my evil claw is about to approach a baby, have already spread a bawling out of a burst of voice in the forest of distance-
"C à o, dark night of, you come dry what?This BOSS is that we discover first not very good?"
"You discover of definitely return you?This is a Ni Ma which house of law of the land?"
"Especially Yao of, do you come to seek a matter?"
"Literally you how say,,
lancel handbags 2012, today I am to come to seek a matter!"
Hear such dialogue, I know that blood Shi and of dark night are opening to do again.As the ally of blood Shi, this matter I can not ignore.
Xi ǎ the o Be quiet to immediately loosen to open a baby,
discount louis vuitton, soft-voiced way, "elder brother, I contact for a while Wang Hua Dong, let him take a person to come over!"
I put to put a hand, " contact, let them remain on standby first, not the important step urgently comes over, I go over and have a look!"
The baby also flies at the moment to in out of the sky, "Hey Hey, look like and have a dozen!"
I light way, "baby, I motionless hand, you don't move today,
ray ban wayfarer ii, the dark night comes over this time,, and the not exactly is to want to fight!"
Say, I and xi ǎ the o calm down another time on the horse, toward matter hair location
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