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loui vuitton purses After
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TOPIC: loui vuitton purses After

loui vuitton purses After 11 months ago #107819

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Of voyage, Li Bin's show's again arriving Si to reach Er port , after going on board, don't stop over as well and go straight to toward the distance and sought one personal little place, Li Bin showed a bone wing one the exhibition facing Tai Si the town fly.
After,, the sky of the greater half's Li Bin's show's appearing is coming to this first small town for arriving in the world.
The guard strength in nowadays seems to compare strong before a lot of, handed over ten copper currencies of go into city expenses after, Li Bin's show got into the town of Tai Si.
Now in broad daylight of, is not time for committing crime either.Good at also at the bar that here am foolish to lead a period of time,
loui vuitton purses, directly go a mercenary soldier that calls "old place".
"Hey...This little handsome boy,, in please, we various service all have and promise that you are satisfied with here!"Li Bin seeing walk show, the small Si is saying and helping Li Bin the show to open the door!Just pushed away a door could not go in for ten seconds, a 20 many year old, was dressed in sex appeal, the outlooking still once calculated of go to woman, then stuck to come over!Certainly, not that this woman is really general,, for used to see cold snow this kind of Qing city Qing country of,
Gucci Online, general of woman, really difficult let Li Bin's show use beautiful describe.
The woman hugs the neck that Li Bin shows all alone, the skill shows at Li Bin of face way:"Handsome boy, first time come?Is a bit unfamiliar, don't know what I can help you?"Li Bin's show smiled to smile, filling a few silver coins the way is in the chest dress of woman:"Know that the beauty has in a bad humor and not recently empty accompany to drink two cups?"
Although the woman has never got down to see, several years of career,
cheap lv handbag, money has already got into a chest, its felling makes her know that if that is copper currency,, a silver coin still a gold coin.
Feel the chest has more than ten silver coins not and around, Li Bin shows to be regarded as till month free with money.In this mercenary soldier bar, can be tips with the silver coin of can be few.Compare the mercenary soldier isn't so be of, the task is tired don't say,, money also can't a lot of.Unless what large mercenary soldier regiment you are, but when the person of large mercenary soldier regiment, and then have how many also come to this kind of place?
More than ten silver coins, equal to several days of income,
Gucci Canada, the woman's eye Mei is like silk, stick the chest way that shows at Li Bin:"The handsome boy requests that Nu house how could not from?Let the Nu house accompany you to drink several cups!"
Li Bin's showing don't enter a pack of what of, but sought a corner, called to ascend good wine of several cups to drink with woman.In the confabulation, Li Bin's show knows that the this girl calls sea graceful.After several cup wine descend belly,, the woman's way that calls the sea friendship:"Is little handsome boy young,, on seeing is a noble, don't know you at vexed what?"
Li Bin shows one face depressed way:"Do not know as well these two days how, take care of so strictly here,, originally want to seek two a little bit deluxe mercenary soldiers all so difficult to the evil monster forest!Ah..."Sea Ya Dao:"Originally
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