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split a dozen on this bat evil person's body
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TOPIC: split a dozen on this bat evil person's body

split a dozen on this bat evil person's body 11 months, 1 week ago #107721

  • zcrrxwea246
Go, indeed as expected saw Zhuo feather, and still safe and sound!
Zhuo feather at just that displayed a shadow to turn magical power for an instant,, although this bat evil person's strength is strong, but the injury doesn't arrive him to copy to turn of appearance.
"How was you free!"The bat evil person shockedly asks a way, the Zhuo feather has already resumed original appearance at this time, this evil person's of course not knows the Zhuo feather shadow turns.
Feel in the Zhuo feather heart that seem to be funny, this evil person's intelligence quotient is unexpectedly thus lowly.
"Because I am fierce!"Zhuo feather while speaking, bomb one punch, like the electricity snake twinkle generally, split a dozen on this bat evil person's body!
"!"A irritating to the ear screech thinks of, the that bat evil person kept on falling to.
"Just a record sun strength thunder Gang the boxing went to his lane bottom!"The Zhuo feather shakes head a to say with smile, later on from high empty swoop and descend, his arm is also slowly inflating!
Double boxing together,, come down from the air perpendicularity, two fists that sees Zhuo feather gleam the 1 F gold color glorious,, the shining glory soon changes into two group leaders and wrap up Zhuo feather of double boxing.
A pair of fists, heavily hit at this bat evil person's chest on, hit two cave pits!
The blood arrows of a green spews out from the bat evil person's, Zhuo feather at this time already Gao Gao greatly lift a thigh, the dint of the stars quickly coagulates in his leg department!
The that bat evil person has already lost the ability for moving,,gucci bags uk, at this time he thigh with the lookinging at of scare Zhuo feathers all over the face,sac lancel pas cher, the eye pupil of that blue has already become dead gray!
Bomb a ly, the leg of Zhuo feather is like lightning flash sort downfall and mercilessly pressed down,sunglasses for cheap, a burst of star is burning to explode to loudly come out, the this bat evil person also immediately departs from this life,cheap oakley sunglasses uk, Zhuo feather its income the universe bead, displayed shadow to turn magical power to return to that cave inside.
"Is evil will of Class should at Xuan territory very dollar stage, is that evil handsome?"The Zhuo feather mumblingly says, the this bat evil person despised Zhuo feather, he didn't know that the martial skill of Zhuo feather is ability own strength raises 500% of release more of, so would drive Zhuo feather a recruited sun vigorously thunder Gang boxing to interrupt heart vein and lose the ability of combat.
"This corpse has been already made, and again many 200,,000,lancel bags paris, I canned temporarily take a rest for a while!"The Zhuo feather stretched to stretch and yawn to say.
"Is all right, but if those badly evil persons come to seek you, don't blame me."The Ding works properly to say.
Zhuo feather for the sake of safety since see, in advance of that stone replace for a while, later on just a little bit trust down,cheap louis vuitton, he still doesn't know to want
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