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lancel online "Decree by destiny to see again in the days to come
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TOPIC: lancel online "Decree by destiny to see again in the days to come

lancel online "Decree by destiny to see again in the days to come 11 months ago #107679

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The hole says behind:"You as long as have been going southward from here about can arrive manikin around half month one gathering of clan to reside ground,
lancel online."
"Teacher your at enmity with do I walk together,
handbag louis vuitton?"The leaf soul fairy thrivingly looking at the channel of Yin Xin.
"Decree by destiny to see again in the days to come!Boy, since today I the sail of Yin Xin formally accept you to do my pupil."The sail of Yin Xin is some to disappointedly say.
The leaf soul fairy didn't thought of the sail of Yin Xin will in this time he wall in the income door, happy under will go the gift of doing obeisance the teacher while signing.The sail of Yin Xin a put a hand to give his way:"Is little sissy at here,
www louis vuitton bags, you still set out quickly, I was going to accompany an ice female phoenix."Finish saying this sentence turns round to walk in the facing stone cave.
The leaf soul fairy looking at the sail of Yin Xin to gradually disappears of figure, in the mind with no reason of a sour, ,,
lancel bags in london,, originally this ever the war exerted the teacher of world also like this fell the time of Mo,
lancel occasion,, but all these all because his heart in to ice female phoenix of that kept to read,, otherwise with the sail of Yin Xin that personality that floated in the sky to jump to take off how can a person lived in an unmanned vestige of this Yao alone of the most northern field ice on.
Looking at the sail of Yin Xin to thoroughly disappear of he just does the best to start to tidy up a mood to toward Li Jun Dao after the figure:"Leave, we still need to do a lot of affairs."Finish saying to naturally start to grasp Li Jun's hand, luck the achievement method that make track for a month of Nie of cloud facing the south rush.

Chapter 140 beginning meets[this chapter word number:3002 latest renewal time:2011-03-17 00:00:00,
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Leaf soul fairy because comprehended to make track for cloud Nie for month this achievement the reason of the method so after and the sail of Yin Xin paid a farewell called have been pulling Li Jun with this achievement the method walked faster, very at this time he has already come to a Wu Huang's state and makes track for cloud Nie for month circulate behind not equal to consume inside dint, for this reason original half month of road their 2 people but just use five days have already arrived at the so-called manikin in the Yin Xin sail lives of mound district.
Looking at at present eye could not hope the mound geography of head Li Jun Zhou the eyebrows say to the leaf soul fairy:"So big one place we arrive where seek those manikins?"Face this numerous mound leaf the soul fairy similarly tighten an eyebrows way:"I don't know that these manikins have as well what habit, otherwise let's are in my etc.!The trace that probably can see them also says not
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