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cheap oakley jawbone sunglasses Li Xuan and gold became China together and left manor
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TOPIC: cheap oakley jawbone sunglasses Li Xuan and gold became China together and left manor

cheap oakley jawbone sunglasses Li Xuan and gold became China together and left manor 11 months, 1 week ago #107653

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Time but took all wealth to arrive at Shanghai, for of be catch Li Xuan to catch to bring to the court for prosecution.
Can make what Liu Xue Ping discouraged BE, pure dream's amusing the consumption of city is absolutely an exorbitant price,, she calculated for a while, don't eat not to drink, at most also can amuse city to stay for a week in the pure dream, helpless, she has to the low file time live in hotel in the neighborhood bottom, prepare to ask about Li Xuan through the bludger in the nearby bar.
The whole afternoons all drive sports car the contacts inside the downtown in Shanghai shuttle of Li Xuan finally in the supper returned to manor in the gold house, after having dinner, Li Xuan and gold became China together and left manor, because Be about to formally take up the pure dream amusement city tomorrow,, Li Xuan decides to go first to see the circumstance there in the evening.
Drive a sports car to carry a gold to become China to together arrive at to settle dream amusement city,
cheap oakley jawbone sunglasses, this impressive-looking building stands erect in central Shanghai.2 people together step out of the car juniors into settle dream amusement city, pure dream amusement city magnificent, ray brightness, everywhere sumptuous,, here absolutely is the heaven of rich man, degenerative of front door,
lancel reyes, want to play what,, want how play,, all someone accompanies, any sense organs the incitement can enjoy here.Imagine with Li Xuan medium a little bit what to have a little deviation BE, the main customer here doesn't only have young man, a lot of middle ages even year lead the persons of half hundred all again and again come in and go out here.
Inside a black sedan outside the city, the pure dream amusement's gold becomes Tai to follow with eyes Li Xuan and gold China got in to amuse city and sneered at a , the words sound is lonesome.
The gold becomes a Tai body side an under charge lower the head a polite way:"Young master,
oakleys sunglasses, everythings all arrange appropriate."
The gold becomes to start to be suffused with cruel You in the Tai look in the eyes light and soliloquizes a way:"You have to play,, I keep on accompanying you to play"
Li Xuan and gold that has already got into Shanghai to amuse city become China really don't know gold the becoming Tai have already prepared "gift" for their arrivals.
Observed the first floor a time of first, Li Xuan and gold become China on the second floors,
lancel premier flirt bag, the first floor is basically a balance of accounts center, while the second floors are Di halls, the third floors are bars, the fourth floors are KTVs, the fifth floors are casinos, the sixth floors are to take a bath massage center, and the sixth floor was above and then was all guest roomed in the hotel.Li Xuan and gold become China to intend one 1 time of in multiple layers going around and inspecting.
Is proper when they finish seeing in the bar to the fourth floors an elevator, a burst of noisy sound and a roar of anger spread.
"**, Give you the face you don't not, Lao Tze is about to also settle you today,
ray ban sunglasses nz, smelly* son, pack what self-contained"
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