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Is a skeleton ground crack again of voice ring out
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TOPIC: Is a skeleton ground crack again of voice ring out

Is a skeleton ground crack again of voice ring out 11 months, 1 week ago #107316

  • tzysamuz1fp
Block in the left hand arm skeleton of outside to split,, originally may than steel general double of arms met to still want the meat body of arrogant decuple than oneself for the first time, if be not just after thunder and lightning forging, Tang Fei worried he or she at this time only afraid two arms all has been already discarded.
The skeleton splits a , the Jing is strong male the one punch still certainly can not block and still keep bombing, Tang Fei where dare to take back hands to make him shoot he's chest,, right hand like Tang arm be the car generally flick.
Mao Ca,!
Is a skeleton ground crack again of voice ring out, Tang Fei is arrogant have no the meat body of unexpectedly at a breath time connect break two arms, the hands are tiny to shiver, skeleton's splitting the ache Tang Feis who drills heart all has already not shown consideration for to ascend and fly to after death back,loui vuitton online, but that iron boxing BE,ray ban sunglasses online,, is almost time in a very short moment have been already bombed, Peng of a , Tang Fei chest knot the burliness actually get an one punch.
Tang Fei's in the mind is one Tu, the in the mind keeps on sinking all of a sudden, is bombed by the sage one punch in, doing not know that tortoiseshell as well can listen to carry on the shoulder live, now Tang Fei's unique hope of is that tortoiseshell to carry on the shoulder live.
Bang of a , the huge strength takes Tang Fei Yuan if was very light to shed leaves to generally pour to fly to go out, fully 78 in open an outside, Tang Fei forces to stop and rush toward Chi a , threw up blood one mouthful Jing blood in the Tang Fei, take a great deal of vitality in the dark aureate blood, by long odds generally fix.
However Tang Fei discovered one making he how much some affairs of surprises, have no fracture on the tortoiseshell, has be ancient plain to have no China, even if was bombed an one punch by the sage, remained have no the least bit reaction, if decorous Yuan Tashan is general!
"Good tortoiseshell!This time luckily you!"Though Tang Fei is beaten throw up blood, but at this time face top but is be full of lucky survivor of smile an idea.
"You are all right?"
Gu Lan worries to ask a way.
"Trust,sac adjani lancel, also dead not.This sage corpse is too unorthodox,, all died unexpectedly still like this Wei power!"Tang Fei vomited one mouthful blood Mo and wiped a corner of mouth to whisper to say.
"How to otherwise be called sage, although this sage is under that old man control pretty much of an of the Wei certainly didn't send out, to you also already near very severe,lancel 1er flirt, already infinite after all work properly the real strenght of a peak sort,lancel bags price, if be not this tortoiseshell of your body really exquisite,oakley sport sunglasses, you were perhaps deathless to also want severely wounded!"
"Indeed as expected!The Wei of sage is actually difficult imagination, the such power is incomparable to unexpectedly return just pretty much of an all don't arrive of strength!"Tang Fei's wry smile, at the same time rightness
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