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ray ban classic wayfarer after waiting to count an interest
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TOPIC: ray ban classic wayfarer after waiting to count an interest

ray ban classic wayfarer after waiting to count an interest 11 months, 1 week ago #107016

  • yrejzvzc91
Is terrible!
For the forestry, Ze evil Qin in addition to understand the high world of its fighting skill difficult sew enemy, the rest all doesn't know!
"That force is a small way the kid named pleasant breeze, this come is BE....."
Along with Ze evil Qin the contents of that letter one word one speak, forestry mild air quietly change, the between the eyebrows is also tiny to condense, peep out a surprised color.
"The matter of tonight can not fall into 3 people's ear, if this comes, from have me and Zhang Tao mutually Zu.You have to persuade to destroy completely Sung far bridge and make them without cares at home and continue to go to a bright crest, as for use what method persuade them, would be your business.Boon, Zhang Tao comes to be hidden!"
"BE, the pupil follows instructions!"Ze evil Qin low eyebrow's hanging the head down , after waiting to count an interest, haded never heard the forestry voice rang and raised head and looked, the forestry had already been not in the Zhang, and the Ze evil Qin complexion changes again and deeply vomited a sweat bead on the forehead of being long to annoy, wiping off.
"Teacher the pressure for bringing is more and more big, estimate fighting skill early not in former days can compare..."Ze evil Qin wry smile, however see a forestry again, to that fear also a sweep but Be getting more empty.
The forestry comes out from the Ze the evil Qin Zhang, with re- take a top to have and go in the camp to the E eyebrow parties.
"D quick gentleman before the twoth and week Zhi if together return, before destroy completely Ma Zhua to return to 3 people in person, two among those people an is a piece don't hate, one is a bead son.Who are another one person ?"
The piece didn't hate with original the legs in the plot all break a dissimilarity, at this time just broke one leg, and can already run about, imagine to have no big Ai.Night although it is said deep, but three partieses defend to remain severe, can these defend the form is together nominal to forestry, the snake step is been used to make track for an enemy or walked faster may even a set of skills being lowest all can not compare with, but use to a near body battle or fish for is ingenious abnormality, step move, the body form is just like the demon.
Several times once wore crowd, could let perambulatory each parties pupil surprisedly feel in succession the bise blow, but basically detection not any shadow of human figure!
Don't dare to depend too nearly, jail the Zhang that the piece didn't hate 3 people in the E eyebrow in, the forestry brings about together thin sew dynasty in see go, in addition to the piece didn't hate and an unfamiliar and ugly woman, also have an about 78-year-old Jian large youth.
"That woman woulds be bead son, who is this youth ?A face acquainted with so much!"Forestry eyebrows a wrinkly,
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