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"Dong Yi Yun stares with anger Zhuo feather
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TOPIC: "Dong Yi Yun stares with anger Zhuo feather

"Dong Yi Yun stares with anger Zhuo feather 11 months, 1 week ago #106840

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 "This ……inside ……worth,gucci bag men,, originally I am hopeless to break, after and childe …… ,lancel handbags in paris, I advance by leaps and bounds,, otherwise I probably arrive dead can not make progress to this situation."Liu Shui Xin hard says.
Dong Yi Yun was tiny to sigh a , Liu Shui Xin originally heart set on Zhuo feather, and the Zhuo feather could render up she brought a so great help, she more and die-hardly followed Zhuo feather now,, she also saw Liu Shui Xin expected after getting into to the rank of gold Dan, previous Liu Shui Xin once asked her affair concerning self-discipline, she also discovered at that time Liu Shui Xin is hard to getting along, see now, that double of fix achievement the method canned really make people's progress quick.
"Bastard's boy, you for the sake of personal private, all day long the magic weapon that stuffy water Xin keep a thing over there in, must you go over the idea?"Dong Yi Yun stares with anger Zhuo feather, she knows those environments that keep a thing magic weapon inside it's widespreadly all not good, although the keeping of Zhuo feather thing magic weapon the high class is some,is all kind in her eyes.
The Zhuo feather wry smile is 1, tooking a look Liu Shui Xin , then lowering the head to consider to want don't also put into Dong Yi Yun and show her the environment of inside, Liu Shui Xin originally meant to say the environment of inside good, but she knew that my noodles is the secret of Zhuo feather, so she didn't tell others.
" Make her come in and see,oakley sunglass cheap, anyway you now none of many secrets is what secret, not be making her discover my existence going!"The Ding works properly to suddenly say.
Because the Zhuo feather fixs in order to promote,oakley sunglass range, the Ding works properly to also acquire huge strength,gucci store locator, his concealment skill isn't getting higher strong, do fear now Dong Yi Yun and discovers his existence in the universe bead.
"Elder sister Shi, do you want to go in to see my that inside that keeps thing magic weapon?The circumstance of inside isn't you imagination so mess of,, however you have to keep secret,gafas ray ban, don't tell other people."The Zhuo feather says.
Dong Yi Yun certainly wants to go in and see, because can pack the thing magic weapon of keeping of next evil corpse dragon settle however isn't a common kinds of goods, much less still pack and live a person, she still knows at in should still have some strange Fengs and work properly Yan, there are even also many medicine of working properlies, all of this are the guess that she has been coming, for Zhuo feather that keeps thing magic weapon inside, she is early very curious.
"Is all right, go in my lane!"The Dong Yi Yun beautiful Mou gleams the ray of light of a burst of oddity.
"Hey Hey,, my letting water Xin accompany you to go in and taking you to take a walk in my noodles , after going in, don't run about aimlessly.Relax spirit, don't resist me."Zhuo Yu says and lightly pulls Dong Yi Yun and Liu Shui Xin 's jade hand, then the heart reads
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