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"The Ding works properly to shout a way.
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TOPIC: "The Ding works properly to shout a way.

"The Ding works properly to shout a way. 11 months, 1 week ago #106742

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, But Zhuo feather and then at in!
Liu Shui Xin and seven flower fairies didn't speak of the affair of Zhuo feather with that old woman, as for the Zhuo feather presents of Dan medicine,, they intend that the Zhang that wait to see them teaches, again hand over to go out!
The Huang He Yi individual is in this forest sought a sky tenth,oakley cheap sunglasses, , didn't see own son,buy oakley sunglasses online, at the thought of is to meet unpredictable, dark hate in the heart matchless,, he heard strong to be fierce to the roaring of monster roar voice at this time, don't dare to do to stop over more, the disease soon returns!
"Ao-" together more violent roaring cry lets the whole slice of forests all send out to shiver slightly!The Zhuo feather facial expression greatly changes, this roaring cry isn't that huge bear to send out!
Chapter 193 Long Mu
Zhuo Yu thinks that oneself displayed a shadow to turn magical power,ray ban 8307, can safely have no matter,, not disheveled hair now, can let now him the scared affair took place!
The bears in the forest that sees time immemorial all start out in succession,lancel bags discount, the eyes project the pole light in two red, numerous bear eyes all jet one light like this and sweep to see forest of, even the branches and leaves doesn't pass as well!
The Zhuo feather is very clear, as long as is only swept by this kind of in, will be definitely disheveled hair now!
The "Ao-" together crazy roaring cry delivers out again,, is the deep place that comes from forest,lancel purses online, the Zhuo feather knows now, if he continues again to go forward,lv hand bags, will meet a that real strenght unidentified strong fierce monster.
"Back quickly!The real strenght of that guy isn't that you can deal with!"The Ding works properly to shout a way.
The Zhuo feather displays a shadow to turn magical power and round to open those a red pole light, fly to forest air, far and far avert from bears.
He got now a not and well-knownly work properly a tree, have been contented, and still give° Huang Xiao Dong to kill, this to him, the result is very big.
Return journey on the way, make him surprised BE, he unexpectedly responds to fly a person who rise the territory to fly to go into here, and still 2!Frighten the Zhuo feather quickly drill to bury underground side and hide the whole breathing!
"Is the elder of Kowloon door!"Zhuo feather heart in dark surprised.
These 2 fly to rise a territory to seem to know that someone is here, they searches what.
The Zhuo feather is slow-moving to is ex- to go in the underground, don't dare to emit a head up.
Let what him rejoiced BE, those 2 flew to rise territory to search a many hours here leave, Zhuo feather at this time just dare to arrive at in the ground, return to Kowloon door in.
When the Zhuo feather returns to Kowloon door, hunt to kill big match be over, finally is Liu Shui Xin to acquire laurel wreath, get the magic weapon of a ground machine low grade and ten bottles of true dollars the reward of the Dan.
"Hey Hey, that Huang Xiao Dong and that making spreading of Luo's breeze fix to seem don't come back,,
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