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TOPIC: the hot body slowly comes close Yi any

http://raybanwayfarerblackblue​ the hot body slowly comes close Yi any 11 months, 1 week ago #106574

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, Yi any, we but have already arrived your site!"Especially the excellent dew beautiful eyes flow to turn and naturally reveal qualities that lets the public jump. Yi any cares nothing about to her delicate and innocent orotund silk, the body stretches tight like a bow:"Now that the taboo location of this four faculty is in the thin Si especially college, so please obey the rules here!" "If don't I obey?"The excellent dew lets out especially like orchid, the hot body slowly comes close Yi any, at a stretch vomit in his face, Yi any feels the face being tiny to become itchy, right away turning in the past, no longer realizing. Especially the excellent dew Luo Luo smiled and turned face to airtight say especially:"The processing finished and our Ma Zou, the four faculty cooperates the task of decoration this time unlike former years!" If the Yi any hear an excellent dew especially, fist Zuan for a while, block in the in front of eight absolute being Ans:"This lower classman, since the affair lets my Yi any saw, can not ignore, you walk!" Excellent dew especially, the Yi any, Ai text, airtight especially these four personal real strenghts although being all Dou the private is eight, very obviously excellent dew especially with Yi any information that is the tallest, obey to show unintentionally in the language to see, they accordingly belong to four colleges of four grand duchies. The Wright and Huai west, Yu Ren and river, Liu Si Ge, are real strenght in the principality the strongest of, among them thin Si especially, Jia benefit especially, do obeisance Ren and river, Liu Si, university the hospital is also the most well-known, these four people are exactly four colleges to stay to fix to living a medium of Jiao Jiao. Eight absolute being Ans see Yi any blocks to before make he or she walk at oneself and know to is frightened that oneself suffers a los, however this kind of good intentions he basically doesn't get, an in front that the stride appears in the Yi any, the high finger points to before the body of airtight was full of despise in the look in the eyes especially:"This kind of discard basically has never entitled to make me leave!" Hear eight absolute being An the language of the such extremely conceited, the owners are all silly at first. "Ha ha!"Excellent dew especially beautiful the eyes flow to turn and see cannot help but a toward the look in the eyes of eight absolute being Ans bright:"This lower classman has a personality so much ……" The speech that is especially airtight to again hear challenge thus, bone"Luo Luo" of the body makes ring, raging flames Dou spirit moment from eruption inside the body but. "I let now you knowledge knowledge what be called truely strong!" The very hot current of air rounds airtight formed a spirit wave to take especially, as long as the body is annoying the person whom the wave takes center, all feel a skin be like drive on fire and general. "Is airtight raging flames Dou to annoy to unexpectedly make progress again especially?"The moxa Er cannots help but a lightly sigh:"See to this year he is also
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