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ray bans for cheap the whole individual imitates a Buddha into unreal
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TOPIC: ray bans for cheap the whole individual imitates a Buddha into unreal

ray bans for cheap the whole individual imitates a Buddha into unreal 11 months, 1 week ago #106573

  • kvzdpcx29
The person of Lan"say, that beautiful Fu jade once the hand flick, barbarian, You Tu,'s body immediately changed into fragment to become to cover with of fly ash.
"Thank you, saved us" says one heart dynasty unknown walk to, that beautiful Fu is cool a say with smile:"Ancient absolute being machine now the human life, the demons and ghosts is gobbled up.Look for the absolute being make asylum, don't waste the human life to walk once!"While speaking, the prospects of unknown surroundings immediately disappears, the whole individual imitates a Buddha into unreal, and the surroundings one is dark!Not, the in front still has a beautiful women, is exactly wave hand of the beautiful Fu that removes barbarian, You Tu, !
"I why will here?"It is unknown to stare at eyes of beautiful Fu to ask a way.
"You are a person the boundary previous incarnation fix for the most consummate Jiao a Jiao, is the person whom the oracle specifies boundary asylum!The absolute being machine present generation person's boundary will soon be greatly disorderly, ancient period those strong races peep an absolute being machine already a long time, the restriction outsider of rule can not participate the affair of person's boundary, therefore person's boundary needs to shelter the balance of maintenance rule, if you would like to become the whole personal asylum of boundary and shelter a person boundary absolute being the machine don't get run off and shelter person's boundary to be free from difference the boundary is strong the intervention of , shelter space rule of balance!Would you like to accept an asylum, this title?"
"What price does the one who become asylum have?"
"Fix for pure empty, but can't influence the groundwork of your previous incarnation!Learn pure empty, but you meeting the acquisition is just for a set of asylum use of skill!In addition you can by oneself study anyone's boundary to extremely learn, however those furtherances kill sexual Wu Xue, you can not study"the beautiful Fu is calm of way.
"Who are you ?My teacher?What are you ?Fairy?Devil?Thank!"
"This was the first time us meeteach other, is also the last time!You the mission that need to keep firmly in mind you then, otherwise your all everythings will become floating cloud!"
The tutor in"remembered, I really the one who take pleasure in to shelter" is pretty quite good, know that I like to solemnly silent don't like stipulation and incredibly and directly tell me this is the last time and meets!The satisfied YY writes in the unknown heart.
"Hope you hereafter support the balance of good person's boundary!Connecting down you can start practicing moral teachings"finish saying white light one Shan, that the United States the Fu be then missing!Leaves unknown Leng at first, at present a bright again returned to south skin city of in the square.Cautiously conjecturing oneself is some kind of, discovering of result surprise everythings that take on his/her own body all drive that beautiful women
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