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ray ban sunglasses store beg dead not ability
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TOPIC: ray ban sunglasses store beg dead not ability

ray ban sunglasses store beg dead not ability 11 months, 1 week ago #106555

  • ranfazta22
Is more serious.
"Burst Chi ……"
Chen Ming fiercely opens a pair of eyes, the big is a , a blood arrows disease shoots but, the facial expression suddenly becomes very white.See this act, the blood didn't bite comfortable great matchless, the clear voice says with smile:"Chen Ming, you also have today.At the beginning you put out my blood to copy a parties, I want your form absolute being to put out all today!Ha ha ……"
At this time, that concealment breathing fiercely moves to in a sudden from the distance the blood didn't bite after death, although he has to realize, but quick however the Mahayana expects the superior's sneak attack.The Mao Ca is a , blood's hasing no vertebrate biting is made a surprise attack of person's one Zhang clap ground.
The blood didn't bite self-discipline of is 《blood shadow invisible 》 , the body suffers to make him lose fighting strength, sees he turn to make one blood fog while signing and disappear at at first.The bearer is an old, all over the evil spirit is dashing, Chen Ming difficultly lifts once the eye see, discover that he is a sun old Zu in Europe.Does he revenge for sun house in Europe?
Indeed as expected and as expected, the sun old Zu in Europe was cold to see blood don't bite in the distance to re- coagulate a body form and kill idea Tao God's way:"The blood didn't bite, you hid enough and deeply!Incredibly letting the old Zu seek is so long!Today, you anyway all difficult escape one dead!"
The blood didn't bite to obviously also know sun old Zu in Europe, one face interrogative way:"Sun old Zu in Europe, blood lightning flash uncle Shi with you mutually hand over very and deeply, how do you want to kill me?"
On making reference to here, the sun old Zu in Europe has been already annoyed more, oneself and blood lightning flash mutually hand over, can the Tu son Tu of blood lightning flash but ruined his sun house in Europe.BE endure which can not endure, sun old Zu in Europe ferocious way:"Do you still act the fool?The blood copies a parties to ruin my sun house in Europe, if not that first the Chen Ming one step put out your blood to copy a parties, old Zu I certainly wanted to personally kill blood lightning flash, this old ordinary person!"
So many in the last yearses, the sun old Zu in Europe uses the influence that the Duo soul believes in and passes by in many ways a search, finally know the then two stir a person is who.First the one step leaves of the person is exactly Chen Ming, but he hasn't done to sun mansion in Europe what matter;The second-blood that would is at first sun mansion in Europe copied to send pupil, they on walking, sun mansion in the whole Europe is been deep-fried for the sake of the ruins by a blood light.
Thought of here, in the sun old Zu eyes in Europe of kill an idea Be getting more heavy more, strabismus Pie pour all of a sudden at Chen Ming in the cave, hate a track:"How, do you want to kill Chen Ming to revenge?Be getting more regrettable, there is old Zu at, you can not move his[one] milli- hair!On the contrary you, old Zu must you beg to living not get, beg dead not ability!"
The Wei that the Mahayana expects presses to bomb however releases, even if with the real strenght that the blood didn't bite also drive surprised backed a several, close behind he then the facial expression greatly change and again turn to make a blood shadow to disappear at first.The sun old Zu in Europe moves in a sudden in a row, before blood has never bitten appear each time, he
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