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they don't dare and then trust so as well of make track for that have no good.
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TOPIC: they don't dare and then trust so as well of make track for that have no good.

they don't dare and then trust so as well of make track for that have no good. 11 months, 1 week ago #106545

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Of Zhao Wu Liang although the Dan Zhan is scared,finally still kept being arrested by him to lend, is to worry oneself is killed, that has no good roar a , directly toward a side to fly to follow to escape.
Leaf square Heng and Fu Yu's wanting to block be all not likely to block next, and here still have Wang Jia Liang the existence that work properly king peak state,, they don't dare and then trust so as well of make track for that have no good.
The Tang Fei facial expression pallor arrived extremity at this time,,, the facial expression had no one silk blood-red color, just that is evil bowl of to suddenly make effort, but is Tang Fei 90% inside the body nine spiritual influences take out to an empty, power really enough big, connect work properly all of state king's Wang Mo is to the slightest don't resist strength, direct be bombed ashes, but Tang Fei's depletion is equally astonishing, this thing hereafter can get careful treat an use, a carelessly have already been first absorbed by he/she by himself/herself dried sliced meat, also talk what oppose?
Zhao Wu Liang's roaring cry lets Tang Fei's in the mind a surprised, dark way one is getting worse, if be spread this news by him to go, that a so big Qian works properly empire, even the whole mainland, perhaps all hard ownly have somewhere to stay of ground.
Can not consider of a lot at this time,outlet louis vuitton, in the hand an ascend ten time miracle drugs was thrown in by him,lancel maroquinerie, the medicine dint flows to turn crazily,lancel montreal, destructive in a great mess inside the Tang Fei body, spiritual influence with in a short instant resumed 10%, Tang Fei grinds teeth to present once again evil bowl of, the together evil thunder hits just, evil bowl of follow a time once again, again difficult present.
The evil thunder is a to make track for Zhao Wu Liang all of a sudden but go, that has no good on seeing,, the afraid all emits, just that king Mo's dead is to be seen in person by him,gucci boston, that is even the residue sons all have never left the least bit, oneself if be shot that to still have to lead so much, at that moment present on all magic weapons of body,, the speed promotes to extreme achievement and wants to once escape this together evil thunder attack at the same time.
But evil thunder speed what it quick,louis vuitton discount, that have no good however the idea that just has to guard against hasn't paid fulfillment, hear Mao Ca an evil thunder, bomb at his shoulder up.
The whole individual became a coke all of a sudden,, the right shoulder directly was bombed to open, the better arm flies and becomes broken bits, however don't harm his life.
Zhao Wu Liang connects to roll to take to climb, regardless of violent ache of body violent flee elsewhere to open.
The Tang Fei Tan sits on the ground a while, there is again no way, and that 2 people in king's house are in every aspect and mutually also a Qu this time, you see me, I see you, finally after two brotherses see the Fu Yu and Zhao Wu Liang 2 people's vision again also fly a body to escape to follow but go to, Tang Fei just and suddenly breaks out
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