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sacs a mains lancel Saturday this day
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TOPIC: sacs a mains lancel Saturday this day

sacs a mains lancel Saturday this day 11 months ago #106507

  • vamphnbu62
The person can block and know now, everyday almost from we send to a food and drink on our own initiative lord mansion big hall doorway"finish saying richest person's emperor mercilessly strike a table case.
"Why at the beginning don't take advantage o he comes out to rob a food and drink of capture a lord mansion?"What to ask words is Long Guo Yi well-known scholar Shan player.
"We all know to kill castellan, and district magistrate...etc. one stem the personnel then equaled to take one city, but fastenned · stipulate that the historic big city can not destroy generally, even if we want to ruin city to is also impossible, again say that we basically don't know that the castellan district magistrate waits a stem officials' body where" says richest person's emperor one face upsetly hangs the head down to sigh.
"How many food and drinks does the blade Zheng need each time?"What to talk is a heart that stands on the Ma Long chair behind.
"The clear water is an urn of, the stem meat, dishes to go with wine, and food grass...etc. all pack with the wagon, usually is all cartful, come out to take once on the 23th!"
"Ha ha, see to hide a big hall at the lord mansion in not next ten people" one heart smiled to smile the way is again:"Now that your non-commissioned officer once got into a big hall of lord mansion, that layout that definitely once looked into an inside?Can make us understand for a while?"
"Ah" richest person's emperor sighed tone:"Lord mansion big hall of inside there is one square megalith in the hall, this megalith is direct from keep on hitting on the roof, will whole inside the hall fill very fullly, but in limited space and time in we underneath of the non-commissioned officers can not draw apart this megalith!This is the affair that puts clearly, a stem of the lord mansion officials affirmative hide a body under the megalith, unfortunately for moving this rock, I quite a few the brothers was all killed a time by the blade Zheng."
"Have to work out a megalithic problem, because this blade Zheng we can not face face to face" one heart soliloquizes a way:"Not ability again center door directly offend go into, and then can not move a megalith, more impossible sky of decline a strange soldier, that can be..."
"Dig the earth a way!!"Almost speak at the same time on several players of Ma Long and big hall, a hear the tunnel richest person's emperor immediately the way of double eye one bright excitement:"This problem I also really have never thought, however this method probably can a try!"
This chapter ends!

180 only the wars are evil

Saturday this day, because of the on-line player in the game comparison the workday want to be many of many, but large numbers of players have already arrived to Xiang sun city one after another and come three
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