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"The other party in a twinkling dies or injures one person
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TOPIC: "The other party in a twinkling dies or injures one person

"The other party in a twinkling dies or injures one person 11 months, 1 week ago #105760

  • mqccjjst10
The sword that is sweetly cold to hum, suffers a stroke absolute being,lancel purses, the sword blares not only, the bright sword aureole rounds nearby or so at it, unclear unexpectedly formed a battle armor of fastness, escorted nearby.
3 people match to round, sweetly and in hour of danger don't fear to and suffers a stroke absolute being sword to maneuver Bai whole, keep a dozen the other party 3 people have no to strike back of dint, often vomits a blood.
The air terrible spiritual influence motion continuously wreaks havoc,lancel purses usa, both parties fight to make one regiment, the Fu Yu there has already appeared dead and injured, the one party of Fu Yu greatly prints generosity of spirit extraordinary, the Hao concusses of the might of god collapse under pressure the earth and crack for a sky, Qiong,loui vuitton outlet,, one's working properly absolute being to touch to cannot compare with to defend is printed a direct dozen by the one party of Fu Yu for a while the body crack,,ebay oakley sunglasses, the dollar absolute being can succeed in escaping but again just drive part the sweetly Aeolian sword cut to kill, immediately the absolute being soul puts out all.
"Is not good!"The other party in a twinkling dies or injures one person,, originally and then be placed in bad situation in everywhere of of the eight general situation dints momentary circumstance more add to become urgent.
"The ended!"
Leaf square Heng cold voice cachinnation, the whole body fixs to rise for whole amount sending out, such as the war idea of Hong hurtling sky but.
The gold in hand sprinkles to build a general big hand and directly tore to pieces Qiong in the sky, unexpectedly and abruptly the other party one person capture in the hand, one gives a long whistle and livings to tear to pieces!
Sad and shrillly bellow to immediately ring out,,womens ray ban eyeglasses, that drive leaf square the Heng capture absolute being the strong is unexpectedly abruptly at the working properly of hand of be tored under an arm, the blood sprinkles Li, the condition is bloody to arrive extremity, let moreover with leaf square the Heng engage of work properly absolute being to all touch eyes shocking, an is afraid not to dare to come forward.
"A group of petty burglars, you still think to that my snow absolute being mountain is unbridled!"
The leaf square Heng starts firm and resolute, don't show consideration very much, the right hand raises and toward the work properly absolute being is strong of the head would be with sudden force on clapping, the absolute being soul of the other party even all for in time break out of drive leaf square the Heng living to clap fragment.
Leaf square the Heng fighting is resolute, momentary unexpectedly is owner all the town lived, than it just leaf square Heng directly the other party one work properly absolute being to hit into minced meat to still have to be terrible.
"You start how cruel!"
The anger of gold hat man full face hates, the anger hates of remaining in the mind that is afraid but equally delivered through a look in the eyes.
"Am I malicious?Ha ha, also have to the enemy what kindness can speak?!"
The words don't speculate, leaf square Heng seldom and their useless talk,,ray ban sunglasses uk, the big hand continues to raise to toward 3 people to hurtle to kill once again but go.
The other party only saves eightly at this time work properly absolute being is strong all temporarily drive leaf square Heng of the meanses shake Zhe, where still have the heart to fight again
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