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"After listening to the words of a doctor
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TOPIC: "After listening to the words of a doctor

"After listening to the words of a doctor 11 months ago #105740

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's Hospital Hematology. "No abortion do not want to kill the child," she named Li Lan,hollister france, the old, who lives in Taixing Huangqiao married in Jingjiang red. Yesterday morning, in Jingjiang City People's Hospital ward, the reporter saw lying on the bed Li Lan, she told reporters in January last year of pregnancy, in the beginning of months, often feeling weak limbs, thought it was bad in pregnancy The reaction did not take too much notice. And then later on a sustained high fever, in July last year, a hospital in Hangzhou found suffering from leukemia. The doctor had advised her to hurry the child abortion out for treatment. Li Lan said that the child was seven months old, naughty "he" has long been ready to make the stomach, sometimes with her little "kick" her stomach to make her feel very happy. Now children "do" off the equivalent of directly "kill" him, how she can not accept this fact. Despite knowing not immediately treated,louboutin pas cher, they will be worse, and there may even be life-threatening, but she still wanted to "take a risk", decided to abandon the treatment in more than two months before the production, what to say to children, "then" to the earth. Lee Lan said she knew leukemia is "terminally ill", bad governance, and therefore decided to take production: "big deal with my life,louboutin pas cher, to change the child's life." Congenitally deficient children,hollister, feeling that day had fallen down "for the wrong "impact" on the health of unborn children,oakley, in the next two months, Li Lan is not her leukemia treatment without any drugs. There are more than 10 days from the expected date of birth is September of the same year, she was in a hospital in Hangzhou promote the delivery room. Not too long,ray ban, she gave birth to a baby boy, her and the children were divided into two wards. Li Lan told reporters that she did not see the child for the first time, fear of disease affecting children. Later, the doctor explicitly told her, she just produced a child, and other normal children, two particularly wide spacing hands looks special,abercrombie, and will not cry,mulberry outlet, intelligence is likely obstacles suspect had Down's syndrome , is a congenital malformation. Speaking Li Lan, lying on the bed tears long stream: "After listening to the words of a doctor, I was feeling that the sky is falling, I 'Bet' gave birth to a child,air jordan, it was actually unhealthy." "Are disease Hailiaohaizi ", Li Lan was full of remorse to say. The process of exchange, Li Lan for the severity of their illnesses rarely "concern" was asked,oakley, she simply told reporters from the decision to give birth to children that day, she had put his own life "bearish" feel "does not matter "a. Now most worried about is the the deficiencies child later in life how to do The give birth leukemia undesirable Li Lan was found leukemia choose to continue the pregnancy,louboutin, and in the end may be undesirable Yesterday afternoon, Taizhou People's Hospital out-patient department of child the new director of the doctors interviewed by reporters, said Li Lan was diagnosed leukemia in seven months pregnant, but the real prevalence is likely to be in its early stages of pregnancy,ray ban, or the time earlier day. Unhealthy parent, sick genes are likely to be passed on to the unborn child. Even though his mother is suffering from leukemia, a child does not necessarily have to leukemia, but the child will have a significant deformity risk, so from the perspective of eugenics, the idea of ​​giving birth to the child's original adventure undesirable. Chen Zi director also believes that the fact, when the child is seven months old, Li Lan to the hospital by the Down's screening, or three-dimensional ultrasound examination,toms outlet, the child can be found "not normal", so as to make the right choice. The child is now born,toms shoes, because of its defects is "natural", "almost no way to treatment". Correspondent Qi Gangjian newspaper reporter, Mr Wang
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