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TOPIC: ate not to spoil

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Two gifted women acquaint with."The sun orchid orchid in Europe has never thought Yao precious jade to unexpectedly explode to stir-fry a bean said everything, but the mulberry says so and smiles to say:"The gifted woman you does me too much honor, just interest just, and I am also very happy to know you."The Yao precious jade suddenly humed to smile to open, unavoidably one Leng.The Yao precious jade smiles back and says to the mulberry:"Your name is very strange, a kind of fruit, let me think of a very interesting matter in hour.Once, I played at an aunt's house, that time, the mulberry was getting more thoroughly cooked, my cousin says to take me to eat the delicious, have never thought is ate mulberry.Eat for the first time, feel quite good, but eat too manily but give° the belly ill from eating.This is unimportant, funny is that I beat satisfied Ge to return to a house with my cousin and just discover to all become to spend face cat.Hum-"The sun orchid orchid in Europe cannot help but smiling to smile, the Tu feels the behavior of Yao precious jade a bit not satisfactory, just smiles to looking at mulberry and sees whether mulberry will because Yao precious jade that didn't contain the words of sneering at the composition but animation.She didn't expect mulberry unexpectedly unbearable break into laughter voice also, smile to say:"My this younger sister is to like to smile."The mulberry smiles to say:"Smiling can make people even have vitality, while she speaks of, also really is an interesting matter, I once experienced."The sun orchid orchid in Europe envies of ask:"Really?Unfortunately I don't have this kind of career, very sorry."The Yao precious jade is very not easy smile, crumpled to crumple belly, say:"Elder sister, my E."The sun orchid orchid in Europe sighs to say:"I still forgot."The mulberry smiles to ask:"Have not you had breakfast?"The sun orchid orchid in Europe nods, anti- smile to ask:"What about you?"The mulberry smiles to say:"I also didn't°yet."Then sounding out is sexual of ask:"Together, how?"Yao Yao says:"I can like several individuals together, so, more fragrant."Ou Yang Lan Lan says:"Since so, " then looking at mulberry to say:" Together."The mulberry abnormality is happy, the favour nods to promise.When he had breakfast a day ago, first is go to of race restaurant, smell not flavor of spoiling the roasting of muttony farcing steamed stuffed bun, pancake and soup rice and milk tea, also not pleased ate Mao and plain wheat roll, just go a Chinese's restaurant, all of staple foods were what face powder doeses, ate not to spoil, but suspicion bother but don't think again changed 1, had to compromise, but another of, don't know where the breakfast is a little more tasty, then know to go to together and not with sun orchid orchid in Europe and Yao precious jade where like.The sun orchid orchid in Europe isn't done know to go to as well where, didn't also say to go to where.The Yao precious jade points at the shed of distance not to say:"Go to there."Entered supermarket to buy a box yoghourt to come out again.
The place pointed by Yao precious jade is seven dining room the sand of the side big market.Here not sell vegetables,
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