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TOPIC: he clearly hears a few voices that the throats roll over.

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Oneself is to the new king's loyal.
"The queen drives!"
At 10:00,, Robin Hood's temple outside and suddenly rings out a Hong bright male voice.
Lai boon within the temple of Robin Hood the nobility and diplomatic corpses in all countries quickly stop confabulation, the complexion is one Su, aware of self to stand into two rows.
"Luo Zhi,
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Time passed by more than ten seconds again, the Robin Hood's temple decorous temple door slowly opened and holdses big minister Lao of the Zhang Zhang of Lai boon the royalty symbol"the heart of great king" Er ·sand text with hold the free sand text of a crown to get generally virtuous pull to shoulder to shoulder walk into Robin Hood's temple.
Soon afterward, the Ji son of in beautiful attire ·sand text the Wan wear own husband,, Alexander, ·Luo the orchid prince appear in the public eye.
The Ji son that with meticulous care attires an appear each person's taste in the drawing on of prison prison.
Waterfalls sort of the black is long the hair at will cover with to spread in the shoulders and be suffused with hazy Long of Meng of fluorescence.
Shan in the pure purple Mou son wears concussion and self-confidence, the circle is smooth of next the Han Be tiny to raise,,
real louis vuitton handbags, from inside and deeply wear a kind of nobility and atmosphere that belongs to Wang Jia.
She wears the black full-length gown of Lai boon Kingdom tradition, chest and backs all the line wear the gold color of sand text household rant lion head crest.
This black full-length gown is perfectly very fitting,
Nike NFL Jerseys, delineate her hot shape.With comfort and ease of listen to dint, he clearly hears a few voices that the throats roll over.
Face numerous meanings 100001000 visions,
authentic gucci handbag,, the Ji son refuses to be distracted, the Wan wears Wang Zuo whom his/her own husband heads for temple the center of Robin Hood by not not urgently slow speed.
Several short distances of ten meters however a minute of affair.Soon, the new king of Lai boon Kingdom tramples together with at ease fine of the wool carpet walk to appear on stage a rank and walk to the front of Wang Zuo and turn round, station settle.
"The queen is long live!"
Lai boon within the temple of Robin Hood the nobilities diplomatic corpses in all countries bend a noble waist limb in good time,, the right hand places levelly in the position of heart, and together the voice hallooes.
"Many Qing even body,"
The Ji son stretches out hands, takes very shallow smiling face and says.
"Invited Manchester ·the Wei Long card bishop's adult!"
By this time,
outlet gucci, Lai boon Kingdom Zhang Zhang big minister Lao Er ·the sand text again and loudly shout a way.

Chapter 68 crowns(bottom)
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