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lancel us store but was blocked up by the square hard one mouthful to return to
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TOPIC: lancel us store but was blocked up by the square hard one mouthful to return to

lancel us store but was blocked up by the square hard one mouthful to return to 11 months ago #105118

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The square hard points the facial expression that Guo Ai copies:"Can this stills not sees clearly?Want a fee much strength."
Owner Liu appreciates Ti zero, arrive at Guo Ai shadow in front,
lancel us store, incredibly kept on kneeling for her:"Guo spoilt daughter of a rich family, your great boon is big virtuous,,
lv factory outlet, my Liu Yu just the powder body is difficult to report."
Guo Ai copies hurriedly a station to start and hand owner Liu to get up:"Feel at home, job place."
Again the owner Liu piece opens mouth, want to ask what,
lancel bags 2012, but was blocked up by the square hard one mouthful to return to:"owner Liu,, you don't want to ask more again what.Spoilt daughter of a rich family Guo all said with me the circumstances."
"Have a matter you must notice."
"?"Owner Liu a cringe:"Still have what matter?"
"You the affair this time, in fact pretty complicated of, I didn't speak to scare you as well."The square hard eyebrow Ning became a big pimple.
Two legs of owner Liu a soft, almost sit to the ground up."Brothers, how, how?"
"Concrete detail I didn't say and spoke Tu to increase annoyance."Square hard circumspect of say to owner Liu:"Your this person at ordinary times behave still quite good of, but sometimes work to excite too much.Inattention method on every occasion will do a some not rational matter sons.You had got to ask for this time of trouble, we have already given you the cuisine been getting clearer.Hereafter you how should do, oneself's in the mind has to have a number."
Liu Yu just wiped a cold sweat:"The brothers of the square, I admire to you is really complete prostration, incredibly the one mouthful spoke my several decades of troubleseses all.Hereafter I definitely the moral culture cultivate mental poise and have own smelly trouble liked to change.Thus, hereafter can't provoke spirit again to get mad?"
"H'm."The square hard smile nods, a monk of high renown manner:"Acknowledging wrong can change, kind great how.Person Heng leads,, then can change;Addict to heart,
louis vuitton discount bags, the Heng is at the Lyu and and then make;Being advertised for to a color is delivered to a voice, and then Yu."
He saw an everyone puzzling look in the eyes and stopped own exertion.
"In fine, good and faithful thick virtuous, necessarily have a good report.Slice to record."
Liu Yu just didn't live and nod and rose to hard square to live the height of the fairy.
"Thus, we today live here at you under.You tomorrow buy more firecrackers, while arriving Ji celebration for a while, go unlucky.At the same time announce for a while,,
lancel wiki, you are here already all requests according to food safe mechanism."
Owner Liu does to call BE.
le premier flirt lancel, you
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