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ray ban avaitor it'speed and power' nicely made up the shortage of form
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TOPIC: ray ban avaitor it'speed and power' nicely made up the shortage of form

ray ban avaitor it'speed and power' nicely made up the shortage of form 11 months, 1 week ago #105050

  • drencxdc9ai
The way lightning flash falls in, no longer is to to the Luo breeze, but plentiful positive.Yes, this bedlamite is afraid is crazy to have crazy recruit, unexpectedly because this crazy, will highly unified, have no me in the heart have no he, only kill just.
"Shout" the strong breeze rises everywhere, a way tornado immediately forms and turns for wearing plentiful positive 2 people of Luo breeze to beat.The spiritual influence madly flows out to go into two human bodies, the sword long grass immediately explodes to rise but.Power finally comes to a peak.
"Only Gu a ray of hope of nine swords.""One sword the west come."Top to definitely, 2 people are each to make twos legendary to let the broken up unreal ground of people extremely learn, the fascinating degree of this war the slightest bears comparison with in those early years west door blew snow at the leaf Gu city of that fought.
Air, two meteors once rowed and ruthlessly bumped together and"bomb"ed a victory or defeat result Be already revealed.
"Do not go, I not just the opponent of that boy."Crowd in a youth who takes knife secretly cold see Luo of breeze, reveal in the vision of unwilling and old grudge, " since not ability enemy, that can triumph by strategy."
The group of heroes spreads to go, with 100 artificial 1 set, start having preface ground to by turn get into the wood building visit Europe to cure the absolute being soldier's sharp weapon that the son collects.BE experiencing huge wolf, white Luo, plentiful positive three war behind, the group of heroes had fuller understanding to the oneself, knowing oneself was how infinitesimal, infinitesimal to can neglect not to account.So, the group of heroes at this time more of incorporation, although the everyones all hope earnestly to get the absolute being soldier's sharp weapon, but the everyones have no soldier's wife that one person touches wood upstairs, everythings all need Long Zu to recruit to open a group of heroes general assembly, again make an allotment.
As for two wood buildings that leave, but is no one to dare to step to go into among them, who know to is to not is to don't be all like to hide soldier's building in wood building, have demon the monster guard.Want to carry on a development to two remaining wood buildings, still have to wait for a Luo breeze, leaf working properly, pleasant breeze way big respected masters with several long etc. kept to harm to say again so much.
Say Luo breeze again, at this time fly into into Holy Ghost space to cure with take a leaf to work properly with leaf go to.Also mainly is leaf to work properly, this wench drive plentiful positive that earthquake but get hurt not and lightly, the Luo breeze as well isn't a wound lightly, think of end that war, the Luo breeze all has some to have a lingering fear till now.
Last moment, already go crazy plentifully just and nowise because ground the earthquake parties that use west house in the door extremely learns-one sword west.One sword west the coming to take seriously Kui don't learn for canning fall in pieces unreal of going to Gao cutting off.Plentiful positive that sword calls it for meteor one Pie also nowise in order to lead, quick, quickly arrive and go to of speed, imitate a sword that the Buddha God flicks.At that time, the Luo breeze clearly felt that this cold idea come out on sword imitates a Buddha to once row oneself's neck general, really terrible.
"Although the recruit type top has blemish, it'speed and power' nicely made up the shortage of form, really is have no the vestige can look for."Momentary, the Luo breeze makes
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