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oakley sunglass range Hear hello that Huang blazes
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TOPIC: oakley sunglass range Hear hello that Huang blazes

oakley sunglass range Hear hello that Huang blazes 11 months ago #104807

  • qmjde2eqv67
Is burning to say:"Like, don't run about aimlessly, as long as you stay in the household, here be not can see at any time?Walk, see to our household territories with me, conveniently you can also get to city inside literally find out find out household of reputation, I think, you will definitely do one let us all happy decision of."
Hear if Huang blaze, the cloud thin breeze lightly and immediately became a very serious appearance and said:"BE?That can I get to well go to turn in city, after all is an important event of teammate that relates to me and me, can not very careless of decide."
For cloud thin breeze light this kind of personality fly off at a tangent, Huang Yan momentary still really hard orientation.So, Huang Yan just ordered to nod, turn head to toward distance just a gun guest and surprised sky of one to shout a way at the Hao feeling for chatting:
"Feed, a , Hao feeling, walk, go to household territory and see together."
Hear hello that Huang blazes, Hao feeling gun guest and a surprised sky of, also ended chat right away, together the facing household exit walks.Cloud of the this place the thin breeze is light, also with together, Huang Yan left household to halt ground and fixed to go inside the small city understand alone various circumstance of Long Teng's world for a while.
Cast aside thin breeze of cloud lightly don't talk, Huang Yan of the this place, Hao feeling gun guest, surprised sky of one a group of people like pen,etc, soon came right away in the territory of household.
The member has already come to a Long Teng's world of more than 1,000 people, now the household member who patrol around in the territory also compare many before many, if say before return just make because of the fame and prestige of the household the others don't dare to literally get into the words of household territory, then truely attain the complete control of the whole household territory outer circle now.Among the territory that anyones are all impossible to get into to come home a clan under the sistuation that don't disturb household guard.And, because the household passes various activity and recall household contribution of effective, so, Huang Yan is also not stingy, will patrol the household contribution that a day gets, promote for the sake of 4:00 from 2:00, make to patrol to became also an inside the household more**of work.
See Huang Yan arrive, the territory surroundings is patroling of household member, all say hello to Huang Yan in succession, and Huang Yan also all 11 of did a response.These household members are heartfelt to respect, Hao feeling gun the guest all completely see at eye in.No wonder that Huang Yan have already canned not got away from Long Teng's world now
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