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he has already died some times.
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TOPIC: he has already died some times.

he has already died some times. 11 months ago #104486

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Get quick, he has already died some times.
"There there is thunder, affirm someone over there!Start to grasp him, don't make Long Xie fall in the his hand!"At the moment that together thick dumb voice spreads, many people all hurtled to come over toward the Zhuo feather this side.
The Zhuo feather scolds low 1 and steps to tread to use quickest speed to dash away forward in a sudden, he knows if be tied up by these, will be definitely troublesome when the time comes, especially thunder in the sky responds, if person, who come together, were many, thunder in the sky would is very easy and then will decline down.
Original all of these people is separately come, in order to grasp Zhuo feather, they all gathered!
Bomb Long Long ……bomb Long Long ……
Being several declined down while being wildly similar,ray ban wayfarer black, many people all too late bellowed, be bombed don't even remain residues, those weren't split a medium person by the thunder to see this view,, all not from get surprised shout!
"These idiocies don't know that here am thunder hopeless situation in a sky!"Scold a way in the Zhuo feather heart,lv purse outlet, and spread many thunders to ring at this time ……
"All spread out,,ray ban sunglasses buy online, don't get together!"That thick dumb voice wildly shouts a way.
The Zhuo feather is tiny tiny on smiling, stop descend step, teed off an one punch raging flames boxing, used three flavor the true fire burn the trees here, the wildfire quickly spreads to open!
Chapter 107 nine You lakes reappear
The Zhuo feather is here also foolish about a months, know my thunder in the sky of severe, if being split by the thunder in those trees in other places is medium and all catch fire be split crack just, but the big tree here directly is split into powder, connect to light Mars all have no.
He put wildfire here,, also not know the result that will have what kind,lancel watch, but he also not worry, think that here was the ground of terrible death, burned and then burned, don't influence him to obtain Long Xie at him line.
The one forest of Zhuo feather rear, all drive three flavor the true fire violently burn,gucci bags uk, fire was very quick and then spread to open, just lesser half meeting of effort, he after death became a burst of fire sea, jet black air of billowing thick smoke Teng rising of Teng,,ladies ray ban sunglasses, the red light of fire is concealed to shoot sky of the dark cloud,, carefree get more uncanny.
"Your boy is to make a mess of, is a sky here, the site of thunder, you not afraid be split by the thunder?"The Ding works properly to say.
"If the Hey Hey, split I and early cut down!"The Zhuo feather Hey smiles a , the slightest inattentive.
Make him feeling surprised by this time BE, after death and unexpectedly and someone catches up, and the speed is very quick!
"Is the boy of your this bastard is setting fire, person's all death rays that harms me!"A exasperation of
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