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men oakley sunglasses yellow burning for this footwork challenge
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TOPIC: men oakley sunglasses yellow burning for this footwork challenge

men oakley sunglasses yellow burning for this footwork challenge 11 months ago #104479

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In the dizzy status, also still steady steadily fall at ground up.But Huang Yan just on falling to the ground, dream of divine of voice at yellow burning of appeared in consciousness.
"Congratulate soul body Huang Yan, succeed completion footwork challenge fifth stage.Soul body Huang Yan, acquire an opportunity to receive a wing deluxe ability awakening task once."
"Wing deluxe ability, is the wing that each soul body owns conceals of possess singly ability.The deluxe ability of wing that each soul body owns totally includes 5 kinds, the first ability opens not to need any additional condition, as long as complete a deluxe ability awakening the task is then.After, the Clause 1 deluxe ability awakening's soul body will automatically have learned that the condition of opening the Clause 2 deluxe ability."
"The difficulty of wing deluxe ability awakening task, and the strong or weak of deluxe ability that need to be awoke become a direct proportion and challenge the degree of footwork stage with soul body inverse ratio.Once the soul body accepts a deluxe ability awakening of wing task, so regardless whether complete, half year inside can not connect to take a task for the second time.Therefore, please a soul body by oneself judgment, whether want to connect to take a deluxe ability awakening of wing a task."
The divine this time of dream hints that being all some is yellow burning already basic knowledge for understanding.However the words say back, if isn't these things very easily and then can get, the thunder Shan can't so with ease give it yellow burning, either they.Huang Yan is the deluxe ability that anxiously wants to awake oneself's wing at this time, therefore, Huang Yan doesn't hestitate of connect next task.At Huang Yan Kan, this just that the Clause 1 deluxe ability awakening is ownly, even if the footwork challenge just just attained standard, the difficulty of this task should also can't too big.So, have no necessity because of this again wait several more day.After all although Huang Yan has the real strenght to can pass a seventh stage, can that not represents Huang Yan each time and cans pass seventh stage of.After all, yellow burning for this footwork challenge, or have a lot of not well acquainted with places.Connect this time and pass the test of fifth stage, also have many luck compositions among them.
The 憂u book 擝 uU tXt .the COM Quan line word the Ban read to plate
End decisive battle chapter 699 second step task word number of Volume 8 and night enemy:4640
Chapter 699 second step task
"Soul body Huang Yan, make sure to accept the deluxe ability of wing feels
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