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sacs lancel this let the his originally firm decision all falter.
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TOPIC: sacs lancel this let the his originally firm decision all falter.

sacs lancel this let the his originally firm decision all falter. 11 months, 1 week ago #104400

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Of status, basically can't see future!"The tone of the white tunic the old still keeps being a so cold Lie,
sacs lancel, big hand from three living mirror up once wipe, that noodles mirror then and completely disappeared.
"The elder generation, the elder generation, forgive younger generation to have an eye not to know Mount Taishan, please.Please point out younger generation,, the younger generation really didn't know how to do."Far still keep there aring so strong setback feeling and sensing of incapability for the first time clearly, the whole of the whole let what him felt probably seem those three living mirror's finally an expanse of white appearance general, this let the his originally firm decision all falter,
lv purses cheap.
Ice frost on the white tunic old face is slowly thin to go, he lightly sighs a , way:"The current affairs is too impermanent, probably is also my expectation to you Gao.Is alas, you see through everything of this neighborhood of?"
Clearly far tiny tiny one Leng, slightly shake, way:"Elder generation, I am to feel that the strength that here have a kind of very evil difference inhibits me, and doesn't suit me fine the working properly of self-discipline strength that dint,
lancel bags discount, magic and divine power and the whole everythings can integrate into my body here.Though I without intermission self-discipline, but up to now, my fix to retrogress for not only doing not make progress, on the contrary being more and more.So I really don't understand.Still invite elder generation to advise!"
Clearly far imitate a Buddha to pour hard water generally oneself feels currently of the whole all speak, white tunic the old peaceful and serenely listens to far description clearly, then slightly shook to shake head at the end, peep out light wry smile on the face.
"That because your mood didn't attain the request here!See?There have one mountain ……"the white tunic the old points at a left-hand side in front of direction, exclamation way.But far follow clearly he points of the direction see go, but don't see at all what mountain, only have an expanse of white one,
lancel mens.
"Is an one forest there, there is also village, the place done by us is a courtyard, the contacts is all some common peoples of commonnesses."The white tunic the old continues to indulge in self-delusion sort ground to say, this time words will original far say clearly very blurredly Be getting more blurred more,
"Elder generation, you say of I completely don't understand.What mountain, what village, also have ……common people?I why what can not see,
lancel bags bb?"Far and pretty much doesn't understand that the ground asks a way clearly,, the between forehead and brows is completely covered with by the 1 F fog color,
White tunic the old is cool on smiling, way:"If be so easily seen by you, I early can't speak that words to you.Everything here only you know by yourself, because here is your own heart prison, close your own jail,
lancel hong kong.All these I have no way and only have depend yourself.Waiting you when can depend
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